Where On Earth Did She Go?



Mobbing a beat.

Had to release and let go of the quotidian diatribes of the mind in a bind to dig in. Having done so; I’m now done. TOASTed. FINISHed. I will be diving into the scorpion realms of myself to repose and compose for the next 30-ish days/nights. I have pages of material to chisel away and to sculpt into something coherent.

I listen to and read of the artist Floating Points with his upcoming engagements in Verbier, Switzerland (tomorrow), Athens, Greece on December 7th (my brother’s birthday), and Hobart, TAS, Australia on Saturday, January 4, 2020. (Mon Dieu! The punctuation!) I am envious. Why is my life so enmeshed in the political neverland of Cali higher public ed? Why am I not out there moving, shaking, creating, and embellishing beats? Is this why I find solace in a v-shaped glass from time-to-time? Is this why I have found rituals in the daily practice of water, coffee, tea, and meditation?

I’ve been peepin’ this since my birthday with a craving to compose while twisting knobs of chance and change. Then, I said to myself: “Dana, NAMM is in 50-ish days. Wait to try out the new…”

HEADPHONES, please! Check this mixtape of sonic decades of goodness.

About danaj33

writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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