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Insular Oblivion

Yes, I like it like that. I’m hearing “That’s the Way of the World” in my head from working on a quick mastering of a  live song version recorded by my students yesterday of “Stuffed”, a great band of musicians … Continue reading

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Tillerson, the Rouble Rebound, and So Much MORE

A picture is all you need.  Here are three:    You see, several years back, Exxon and Rosneft entered the joint venture in 2012 to develop offshore reserves in the Arctic Kara Sea and the Black Sea, as well as onshore assets … Continue reading

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#Feminaissance Moving

  Focus on the light to bring an end to the darkness. Circling around us are Moys (a boy in a man’s body). Several world leaders are Moys and the U.S. just elected one as its leader. LIGHT and POSITIVITY must … Continue reading

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Surface Comments

Taking a day of mindful wear and tear into blastoff: Jamed Blond. Repeated Comments from the Horse Manure known as the GOP HYPOCRISY. SONG about it…  

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Note To Self

Take heed: wake up at full speed follow your dream allow a short scream help someone in need sometimes ya gotta “Let It Bleed” this once was the land of the freed now mothers in colors plead police stop the … Continue reading

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Fringes UnHinged

Lessons! Smack dab in the face, clarity arrives: Now, let’s have a hot cup of tea and consider a few things about thoughts and the requirements that lead to thinking. To learn is to acquire wisdom and being wise requires … Continue reading

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Humanism & Violence

One of the greatest curses of being a writer is that I can never accept anything at face value. I can’t read a news article about a war in a foreign land and blindly accept that my Government’s rea… Source: Humanism … Continue reading

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