It’s Been A Long Time Gone

I’m hearing David Crosby crooning the lyrics in my head as I sit at my little desk here in Martin’s Brugge Hotel. I haven’t posted here (my more politically-minded rants and social commentary blog) for some time (May 15 was the last) because I’m not at all in that mindset at the moment. I’m traveling and taking the break I so need and haven’t made time for in the past five years. This feeling of freedom, doing what one wishes from day to day, walking miles through various cities and landscapes, and watching for one’s safety as bicycles careen around corners and through alleyways, along canals, and across streets.  My head is always looking up because beyond the amazing rooftops and spires which can keep me preoccupied for hours,  there are actual CLOUDS here that are filled with water ready to dump at any minute.  I forgot what that feels like since my drought-ridden home drops no rain. I no longer feel the need to rant (at least for 21 more days!) so this blog shall be temporarily hijacked into the further recesses of my brain processing places, memories, and subjecting my poor readers to invariants under the conjugation map on G.

The hemming and hawing of another has just hit my last nerve. This is one of the reasons why I originally planned to travel alone, but have added a companion for a time in the midst of travel in Belgium.  That addition now bears the weight of someone who “cannot connect to the mothership” and shows every sign through vacillating short breaths of indignation.  I, on the other hand, try my best to just move on when something doesn’t work here.  There is far too much to look at and do than make constant repairs to the small spaceship in my hand that refuses to connect to the world.  Be Here Now. I breathe in.  Be here now.  I breathe out.

Alas, there are some excellent things to see and do and I’m in the heart of the center of Brugge at the moment.  I keep hearing the glorious bells of the Belfort tower.  Time to go and collect them as I pack my handy Zoom H4N along with the small windscreen. Perhaps I will stop for an afternoon beer.  After all, it’s 4:05p!

Ghent lit up last night in charming Ghent  Ghent_Lights on Canal

Try UAudioU as well for more pleasures of my travel. If you seek more politics and social commentary, I’ll be back in July and just might lay one or two out here before then.  After all, Italy and Spain are “next stops”.

All photos c.2015 Hugh Lovell

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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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