“Re Re RE: Kick ‘Em in the Other Knee”

Dear Diary,

I’m comin’ to you live (half-baked and barely) from the land of the diabolic cheer that begins with “Re”.  It’s about kicking a person when they are already down and it is exactly that I wish to impart to you this day to get it out of my system.

REformers wish to put all of us in the trenches of education into a “RE” pattern.  A RE-DO, if you will.  At my public college, we have been simultaneously experiencing three “RE”s all at once:




The first is a bogus plan schemed up by a scary group of college administrators (some who have been given a vote of “no confidence” at their colleges) who are now at the top of the accrediting game for 2-year colleges in California.  The ACCJC call this plan, “Restoration”, which implies that something was lost and needs to be restored.  Yes, they terminated the accreditation of one of the largest public colleges in the United States in 2013 though the college had been and continues to provide the highest quality of education in the state among the 112 California Community Colleges.  The current president (I can’t even capitalize the title anymore) of the ACCJC has had our college in a headlock, noose, and executioner’s blindfold for the past 3 years spinning us in circles for one last gasp of hard labor while  she happily tugs at the rope around our neck, threatening closure.  It’s a sick game. Yet still, 3 years into this, and even with the law on our side in another court-ordered process known as REconsideration, she laughs, dancing around the judge’s order to provide evidence as to why she refuted an entire Visiting Team report on the college in 2013 to make the decision to terminate. Her report to the college completely lacks evidence.  But she cares not, knowing full well that our college is stuck in a quagmire of top-tier administrators that have only been here a short while and continue to do anything she directs them to (so it appears in their decision-making).

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have supported the faculty, students, and staff throughout this entire upheaval by demanding a return of our democratically-elected Board of Trustees as we have been under the rule of a single overlord known as a Special Trustee with Extraordinary Powers for 2 years.  California state politicians (both Democrat and Republican) during an audit of the ACCJC found a haughty and dismissive president in their presence.  But still, she carries forward her torch to deny CCSF a true reconsideration.  We are expected to write yet another report (due June 27) to provide the commission a reason to reconsider their original decision to terminate.  It’s laughable.  As if.

Yet no one is laughing at our college as we just discovered that our administration decided to hold a “closed session” with our Board of Trustees (who are slowly, drip-by-drip returning to power) to discuss whether a letter should be written to the City Attorney’s Office to request that the Judge look at the document delivered by the ACCJC to City College of San Francisco on April 8th. It is a pretense to fulfill the requirement of the court order, but, instead, boldly refutes the will of the Judge.  They provide NO EVIDENCE and NO DATA to back up their decision to terminate, exactly what the judge ordered them to provide.  Though the faculty, students, and staff wish for the college to make a public statement about this in a letter to the City Attorney who filed a lawsuit in 2013 to save CCSF on behalf of the People of the State of California, the administration has delivered a message: “The Board has directed us to not write a letter, so we will continue forward with responding to the ACCJC’s reconsideration.” At the same time, we have another year of restoration as well.  This is a two-year, new plan the ACCJC schemed up just for CCSF to  force us into full compliance on the ACCJC’s newly written 2014 Accreditation Standards, something that everyone agrees is impossible.  100% compliance is unattainable for any entity whether it be a business, a public non-profit, a government, a club — when was the last time you found anything in 100% shape?  Think about it…

Reorganization?  You’ve all heard of that. It’s the new way in the good ol’ U.S. of A.  The recipe is to take something that works, though it may need a bit of sprucing up here and there with better funding and such, and decide from the top-down that the best way forward will be to just flip the entire organization over, slice-and-dice it, toss it all back into the pan, and stir it up to make some new meal out of it.  The more heat you put on it, the more you might control that microbial growth. Yes, that has been bandied about for the past  year as well in our college. You can imagine how exhausting it is to just wake up every day.

{Sports-announcer over the PA system} “The quarterback goes back for the throw!  The football flies through the air 35-yards down field!  In a fantastic jump catch between 3 defenders, the wide-receiver grabs the ball, lands and runs toward…Wait!  This is something we have never seen!  The goalpost!  The end zone!  It’s moving!  The closer the receiver runs to make the touchdown the further the post moves!  This is astonishing, people!  What game is this?”

Re Re Re:  Kick ‘Em in the Other Knee!

moving goalpost    Cheerleading F

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