Morally Bankrupt, Deeply Wounded

Particularly, this Independence Day, July 4, 2017, offers not much to celebrate about America.

If this short list of offenses over the past 2 days isn’t enough to make you feel the vibe of the Red, White, and Blue celebration day; look at one of our warships sailing 12 nautical miles into South China Sea near a disputed island in a seemingly antagonistic poke at Xi Jinping. (The Guardian, July 2, 2017)

We are veering closer to world war enflamed with a civil war here at home with this pugnacious bully ruining our reputation and bolstering the lunacy of the far right. The U.S. is morally bankrupt. He holds a 57% of American disapproval of his job performance which is more people than voted in the last election. Those of us who took the time to vote and rejected Trump as a candidate are deeply wounded. There seems to be no end in sight as the Republicans work in secret to secure their coup of our government to rollback regulation (financial, environmental, health, et al) to please their corporate sponsors.

Sorry to be so unhappy July 4th to all. There is nothing to celebrate at this time.

Dried up flag

USA Prison Population

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There’s a line on my face where a smile once curved.

Heartbreak shows itself in many forms. When you have lived a full life, you know the feeling when it hits you. It’s sudden. You can be completely at peace and content in one moment and then: WHAM! It strikes like a bolt of lighting in the minute you realize that something is not right, askew, dysfunctional. Your heart starts to pound faster and harder; beads of sweat can be felt on your face and scalp; your five million hair follicles all over your body rise up to attention like the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army marching for their leader. Extreme anger ensnared with desolation overcomes your entire being. A convulsive reflex sends a bit of the meal you just ate to the top of your mouth. Trembling fingers can’t quite hold the pen to the paper as you consider a response.

How many of us have walked into a room where you find the person you are in a committed relationship with caught in a moment of orgasmic rapture with another human who is not you. This betrayal is one form of heartbreak.

How many of us have felt the loss of a loved one passing? That Rock of Gibraltar in your life who seemed to calm the waters, make the sun shine, and steady the ship just disappears. This lonely emotional desertion is another form of heartbreak.

How many of us have held someone in such high regard with the kind of respect that is bestowed upon people who do good deeds only to find one day that they are not the person whom you thought they were. They do something so profoundly common that negates the good will that you thought pervaded their entire being. They perform an action that is completely antithetical to the personal motto they showcase to others. This disappointment is another form of heartbreak.

noun: disappointment
  • the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.
  • a person, event, or thing that causes disappointment.
I’ve had too many of these throughout my life and it’s not like I have huge and unclear expectations of others. But I have been a helping type of individual since I was a little girl; a giver who asks not much in return because the positivity one feels inside from giving is worth everything. What often happens is an individual or a group takes advantage of that and you find yourself in the difficult position of needing to withdraw. Then sadness seeps in.

Here is a fascinating article on the science behind heartbreak.


Fall apart_William C Hannan

I will find a way to curve that straight line again. no smile emoti


Be not simply good; be good for something.

— Henry David Thoreau


The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.

— William James


In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

— Mahatma Gandhi
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The 45 Incubus & the Spa Channel

Finding myself in a rinse * repeat quotidian cycle of the 45 incubus sucking the life out of a sleeping America, I change the channel away from the noise to the

Spa-ah-ah-ah Channel

Uh, yeah. I’m not embarrassed to claim it. There is nothing else that takes me away in a sonic Calgon Bath other than this Channel 68. It wipes away the scum of anger and outrage over the scurrilous performance of a sitting President, his family, his cabinet, and the entire Republican party. In a push of a button, I have entered Middle Earth where the loving power of the fairest Elf, Galadriel, hovers above and in front of me backlit by the engulfing warmth of radiant light.

Nope, I haven’t smoked nor ingested anything to convert my demeanor other than the CHANNEL on my RADIO.  Today’s morning programming description: Greet the sun with relaxing and soothing sounds, the best in new age and ambient music from around the world. You’ll hear Enya, Will Ackerman and more. 

Is it tuning out? Indeed! And it’s more than that because it allows me to TUNE IN and re-center myself. Did I ever think I would be this person? It’s one thing to step into a spa treatment for an hour or more to immerse yourself into another world which includes hearing this music to drown out the daily chatter, but to live every day listening to it? You bet. It’s the one thing that truly refreshes and washes me clean of the vile news cycle. I need an escape from the unseemly reality of American politics. En route to anywhere, I immediately switch from an angry imp to a caring celestial being with one-push-of-a-button.

I just now switched it on through my computer to my studio monitors and the music of Robert Carty/Sylken in a piece titled “Deep Distance” resonates around my room. Ahhhhh

World Weary              Calgon Bath  Galadriel


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Trump * Putin * Assad * ISIS – Do the Math

AWe have visual confirmation that Trump remains completely friendly to the Kremlin and Putin by this photo (among others) taken by the Russian Press (since the American Press was not allowed into the Oval Office during their meetings).

Trump Kislyak Lavrov.jpeg   Trump Lavrov Kislyak.jpg

We know that Putin backs the heinous Assad regime in Syria.

From 2015, we learn that Assad won’t fight ISIS because he profits from it.

From April 15, 2017, Syria’s Assad is ‘Inextricably Connected’ to Islamic State.

Cut the rhetoric. Cut the bullshit. Cut the pretend games of sending 54 Tomahawk missiles to destroy NOTHING in Syria, not even the Syrian Air Force runway those 54 missiles should have damaged irreparably. Stop making vacant outbursts about your plan to defeat ISIS while you do nothing about it.  STOP PRETENDING to be against ISIS while maintaining your support for Putin and his regime who supports Assad who supports ISIS. Why do Assad, Putin, and therefore you, DJT, actually support ISIS? Because you’re all profiting from both the terror and the terrorism while keeping ISIS fed and armed.

And now this from NY Times: Meet the Connection Between Jared Kushner and Putin


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A Crack in the Universe Where the Pain Comes In

There is a crack in the universe where the pain comes in and keeps my mind in a Krampüs-enraged Mental Holocaust. (Lord have mercy…turn this down before you click the play button on song 2 and more at their bandcamp page…)

Can I get a witness? Do ya feel me? The duplicitous quotidian matter before us numerous times per hour (not even by DAY anymore!) feels like wading though the river Styx en route to a stop off in Neverland to pick up the young ones to swallow them whole because they just might make a great face cream to keep you looking young again. “It’s Palmolive: you’re soaking in it.”

The great American Dream has become UNHINGED and is reeling off the charts of negativism. Anger has enveloped the entire world to the point of too-often suicide bombers who bring death and destruction in horrific small doses while 45 sells billions in armaments to Saudi Arabia. What? Peddling massive weapons one day, touching a holy wall the next, meeting with the Pope the next mumbling, “I won’t forget what you said.” (ostensibly about peace) 

While 45 takes “heed” to the thought of his tiny hand in making peace, a ReTHUGlicon candidate running for Congress from Montana, Greg Gianforte, commits physical abuse in response to a question by a Guardian Reporter.

We are plunging…

Gustave Doré_-_Etching of Styx cc.large

Gustave Doré, 1861


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Human Resources

Anyone who has worked for a public institution or a corporation knows these two words have some important meaning. They represent a department of people whose job it is to ensure that the organization for which they work maintains a propriety among the humans who work there. Duties include assuring that an ample number of working humans are hired for the job with the requisite skills and knowledge as well as keeping those who are employed with the organization in a happy step with the rules and regulations of the entire body corporeal.

What if we look at the two words from the mindset of the people who consider themselves well above this group of souls working together. You know the person(s), the boss, head honcho, supervisor, manager, Vice President, President, Premier, Platypus Rex. Think of the way that these people think of those beneath them–the staff, personnel, workforce, crew, manpower, the working classproletariat…workforce-planning

Now, let’s just ponder the man in charge at the top of the heap of these UnTied States and the man in charge (Majority Leader) of the Senate and the man in charge of the House…think about the words in and of themselves:



Sit with your eyes closed and just wonder what images or thoughts may come to those three men and the political control they have over our nation’s humans and our global resources and how they might think of humans AS resources. What do they do with our earth resources? Squander • Pillage • Rape • Kill • Endanger • Destroy.

OK. Now open your eyes…

humanscommodity • chattel

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America, the ReTHUGlican “precious”

We Are Not OK.jpg

America_ReTHUGlican Precious

Precious.jpeg      Gorsuch Gollum.png

McConnell.png   45 to Mars-a-Lago.jpg

45 cost to Mars.png


I made a little visual report while waiting to get my head examined…

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