Nerve Endings

borrowed from Rust En Geluk

A Beacon of Light from a Hill I Shall Climb (in order to assuage the deep mourning)

First, let me alert you that this page today contains my rant on the current state of affairs in the U.S. If you’d like to skip to something pretty and filled with love and light, try here,

I’ve never liked this holiday. It only celebrates what is white in America. It’s an ugly non-inclusive celebration of “rockets red glare.” ugh.

What do we do in the wake of the most evil administration and GOP sycophants we have known in the history of our American political experience? What is it about THIS TIME in our American history that one of two political parties acts not of and for the people, but entirely for their own self-interest at the mouth of a carnival barker, wanna-be dictator, schooled by the Russian autocrat in how to topple our democracy? And what of this ghastly AG Barr working overtime to strip the DOJ of any and all justice removing honest attorneys whose jobs are to uncover the truth in the stinking, steaming, scheming swamp of the 45th President? Norms, protocols, rules-of-conduct have been heaved out the window with the Constitution tossed into a Drumpster fire. The White House, soaked in racism, needs a new name. Some have been calling it The People’s House. HOW IS THIS COUP d’ETAT HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES AND THERE SEEMS TO BE NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT as we watch our hard-earned tax dollars support the antics of the bloviating rapist in the WH? People say “Vote.” I simply can’t imagine where America will be in September, let alone November. Give this thieves den until Jan. 20, 2021 and there will be nothing left.

“I see dead people.”

Broken Curriculum

Never mind what the FOUNDERS would think. SCREW THAT and THEM! Most of us were taught total fabrications about the history of the U.S. This country was founded with racism sewn into the fabric of the flag. The early 1600s brought European immigrants to America and they decimated the people who were here before us. The myth of Thanksgiving has us believing that the Pilgrims mingled joyfully with the Native Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of learning the native way, the white colonists destroy the native culture, stole their land, and sent them to remote corners of the country to reservations. They signed treaties to honor sacred native land, but then decided to renege and do as they pleased. Case in point, Mount F’ing Rushmore and the white supremacist who carved the faces of four presidents on the sacred mountain.

Heinous act – white people seeking their freedom by derailing the freedom of brown people who were already here.

Not to be outdone in the ravaging of the Native American population, the founding fathers and early white settlers cruelly killed the spirit of Africans brought here against their will and worked them to death to build white wealth. Ugh. ENOUGH of the freaking founding fathers already! I thought I had a solid education from my Junior High and High School in San Diego, but my mouth was agape most of the time in Leon F. Litwack‘s U.S. History course at UC Berkeley in 1981 when, in my sophomore year there, I learned the reality of our heinous, whitewashed past.

Present Day

Many other countries around the globe are in the midst of massive protests to join the Untied States in the #BlackLivesMatter rallying cry though nearly all of us also suffer from a continuing uptick in people testing positive for COVID-19, hospitalizations, and deaths. The pandemic has magnified tenfold our global unrest and horrifying health disparities. The chasm of inequality has reached 212-degrees and people are rightly furious. It’s easy to understand how these gargantuan issues have swirled together in a perfect storm to ignite the need for big changes. The earth has been given a healthy and heartening release from the human debilitating expansion as we have been on lockdown. This human pause has been just long enough for us to see what happens when Gaia is free of our pestilent destruction of the planet. Will we change to keep her from dying completely beneath our treading feet? As long as the white patriarch remains empowered to continue the global climate debacle, it seems we will just feel an inkling of what it could be if we worked toward goals such as the recent EU Climate Law.

Conspiracy Theories Central: The Trumplestiltskein people are filled with them. They unroll one after another with the Narcissist-in-Thief and his attempt to control media networks with his messaging. The conspiracies are so completely asinine that the majority of us who actually think for ourselves and research bogus claims to prove their invalidity can’t believe some of the utterances from people’s mouths. A few Floridians seem to have one last week’s Darwin Awards with this one: Florida Residents Angry over new Coronavirus Mask Rule. [Stupidity warning. Swallow any liquids you have in your mouth as you watch this.]


Here’s a brief rundown of what systemic means to me with regard to a host of societal ills in America (all heinous actions). It begins with the storybook myth of religious tolerance. This country was founded by a bunch of white people from an imperialist nation seeking refuge in a new land. When they arrived, however, there were people already here: the Native Americans (who did not call themselves such) who had their own spiritual belief system that was shunted by the whites seeking their own freedom from religious persecution. Christianity and “In God We Trust” became the call of the immigrants whose generations of children now claim the U.S. as “ours.” It’s a stolen nation.

So, let’s do a collage of horror outlining the various ways people of color have been trampled in these “Untied” States. Emancipation Proclamation signed January 1, 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln declared “that all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.” But it took two-and-a-half years for slaves in Texas to find out about it: Juneteenth. The denying of rights for African Americans remained for decades in the Jim Crow Laws. And on and on it went: Brown vs. Board of Education, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Fair Housing Act all in attempts to give rights to African Americans to be able to enjoy the same freedoms as whites. But also within these attempts, the KuKluxKlan, the racist hate crimes of Wilmington, NC in 1898 and the massacre of blacks in Tulsa, OK in 1921. During these times, more and more Confederate statues were erected around the south as last as the 1980s! The 1980s!!!! What country erects statues of traitors to the nation? These are ugly men who fought in a bloody civil war AGAINST America and they stand tall in many southern cities. This is systemic racism. The KKK infiltrating police departments across the nation is systemic racism. Denying children an education about the real history of America is systemic racism. And finally, when the nation elected a black president to TWO terms, he was thwarted from any kind of nonpartisan successes because a southern racist leading the Senate vowed to say “no” to anything he proposed. He could only make any significant achievements (aside from Obamacare when the Dems controlled the House and the Senate) by executive order. The GOP have played ugly partisanship for long enough. They have hitched their hopes to a racist president who succeeded Obama as the 45th and must be shooed out of the White House in 2020. He is a walking prince of darkness who (along with his administration) has ushered in an era of pain, death, and economic disaster for America.

July Fourth – a day of mourning

Try these on for size if you have not yet read them: A People’s History of the United States written by Howard Zinn and this one also by Zinn, A Young People’s History of the United States – Columbus to the War on Terror.

Americans deserve to know the truth.

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On the Final 28th of December of the Decade

The year winds down haltingly to closure. With this, I sort through myriad revelations on the past and predictions for the future. The positive me searches for refuge from the gloomy girl who awakens in a state of moribund prophesy at the end of every year. THIS year also marks the end of a decade which has had numerous ups and downs on a personal and a geopolitical level.

I promise that for every downer, I shall provide a glimpse of shimmering light of positivity. Let’s begin with something wondrous! The stunning Hummingbird with more than 300-species among them bedazzle with shimmering color. Scroll through this beautiful Audubon presentation of “Jewels of the Sky.”

The pages of Cornell Ornithology Labs provide another fabulous space for bird-lovers to keep up with the soaring beauties above us.

Wealth Inequality

What of the ever increasing greed of the few who ravage our planet for profit while assuring the throngs of American Fox News-ites that deregulation has boosted the economy to make a better world for them. How on earth does ruining habitats around the globe help any of us? This “boost” of the economy didn’t help the middle or poor, but the already extremely wealthy plutocrats and oligarchs:

World’s 500 Richest People Gained $1.2 Trillion in Wealth in 2019: Analysis

“In the U.S., the richest 0.1% control a bigger share of the pie than at any time since 1929.” (Bloomberg analysis)

Top Ten Richest Americans in 2019:

  • Jeff Bezos: $114 billion
  • Bill Gates: $106 billion
  • Warren Buffett: $80.8 billion
  • Mark Zuckerberg: $69.6 billion
  • Larry Ellison: $65 billion
  • Larry Page: $55.5 billion.
  • Sergey Brin: $53.5 billion
  • Michael Bloomberg: $53.4 billion

Extraordinary Thinking

Human ingenuity at its best: growing a 500-acre forest in the middle of Egypt using recycled wastewater. While you read this amazing story, take note (and bookmark!) the Good News Network. Here are more good news reports from April of this year at another positive news website, One Tree Planted, which gives you live updates on trees planted around the globe. We all need more affirmative news in our lives and these sites are packed with the best type of news reporting–on human kindness, cleverness, and joyful living.

Education in Reverse

The changing tides of education “reform” prove to be a bipartisan cauldron of bad ideas. Californians now experience the magical Community College system in reverse to the days of a Junior College as orchestrated by the State Chancellor’s Office. The number of graduates and students who transfer to university are “disappointing,” according to Eloy Ortiz Oakley, the system chancellor, in his “state of the system” presentation in March of this year to the Board of Governors.

Well, here’s an interpretation, Chancellor: the unemployment rate has been at historical lows for some time and many jobs do not pay nearly enough to allow for a decent living in many California cities. So, some students take the courses they need in between multiple jobs and finish when and if they can. There are not many who can fit 12-16 units of coursework per semester into a busy work life, yet this is what the State Chancellor’s Office pushes for. What could be more disappointing than cutting nearly 300 classes at City College of San Francisco this past November on the eve of Spring 2020 registration with the bulk of the classes belonging to Older Adult Ed programs, Art, Music, and Physical Education? The reasoning as stated by CCSF Chancellor Mark Rocha: “So that we can graduate more students of color.” Hunh? WT…? How does slashing courses in art, music, and physical education equate to graduating more students of color? It’s maddening, confounding, and disheartening all in one fell swoop. We can’t only blame Betsy DeVos and the G.O.P. for our education woes.


I’d be willing to bet that book reading goes up this time of year with all the winter storms and the fires burning in a wood stove. Nothing punctuates the feeling of hygge better than a fire and a good book. Here are a few best of lists:

I have one more end of year and decade writing left in me.

Stay tuned.

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Once again, thousands of bellies fill with dread.

Once again, one human wreaks havoc with a greedy agenda.

Once again, a small group sits in fear as they hold the real power, albeit by wielding it as a tiny keychain flashlight in an abandoned 30,000-foot warehouse trying to find a clue.

MomentumDash on the morning of November 28, 2019

Once again, I feel like a quiet lighthouse on a distant shore beaming a signal of help.

Once again, the people respond sending a distress signal to the ones who hold the key.

Once again, the deafening silence sends the belly into turmoil of knots and nausea.

Once again, we need to all reach into our inner Jack Reacher.

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Where On Earth Did She Go?



Mobbing a beat.

Had to release and let go of the quotidian diatribes of the mind in a bind to dig in. Having done so; I’m now done. TOASTed. FINISHed. I will be diving into the scorpion realms of myself to repose and compose for the next 30-ish days/nights. I have pages of material to chisel away and to sculpt into something coherent.

I listen to and read of the artist Floating Points with his upcoming engagements in Verbier, Switzerland (tomorrow), Athens, Greece on December 7th (my brother’s birthday), and Hobart, TAS, Australia on Saturday, January 4, 2020. (Mon Dieu! The punctuation!) I am envious. Why is my life so enmeshed in the political neverland of Cali higher public ed? Why am I not out there moving, shaking, creating, and embellishing beats? Is this why I find solace in a v-shaped glass from time-to-time? Is this why I have found rituals in the daily practice of water, coffee, tea, and meditation?

I’ve been peepin’ this since my birthday with a craving to compose while twisting knobs of chance and change. Then, I said to myself: “Dana, NAMM is in 50-ish days. Wait to try out the new…”

HEADPHONES, please! Check this mixtape of sonic decades of goodness.

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a Plethora of Wrong

PoW – a Plethora of Wrong surrounds me. Remarkably misguided steps by leadership capsize the ship that has attempted to guide itself back into calm waters by the steady hand of the crew. We have toiled for years. The unpaid labor by people whose purpose is the betterment of the community. Then along comes someone who flips the table, crashes the dishes, and engages in pretend caring while erasing all the progress of the many years work that precedes him.

What good can come about when there is no pre-planning of major events? I live in a throw it against the wall to see if it sticks type of workplace. The problem is that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of peoples lives are at stake. Not in a life or death manner, but rather in a succeed or stay stuck in one’s rotten lot of never-ending debt and not enough money to be free.

The good people leave to find their workflow happiness elsewhere. The dedicated remain as the foot soldiers trying to make the institution rise up to be the best it can be. But we are thwarted by inept leadership. We are thwarted by a governing body that asks no questions. We are impeded by several who care not that they have pushed us back to the place that we worked so hard to fix.

I am a PoW in the PoW

a Prisoner of War in the Plethora of Wrong

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The Miserable Jigsaw of the Chump Administration

I must admit that David Remnick’s commentary in the New Yorker titled “Little Rocket Man” gave me the impetus to write this and I am stealing his words in my title here. When I read,

The increased military display on Independence Day is hardly the most significant piece in the miserable jigsaw that is the Trump Administration.

David Remnick, July 3, 2019

I thought to myself, “Yes. Those two words, miserable jigsaw describe the past 2 years of his presidency perfectly. This miscreant of a human has proven that the American ideal of a leader representing the most free country and people on the planet is a farce. There is nothing he can do or say that will cause enough alarm for America to say “no more” while he is currently in office. He can turn the entire idea of a constitution on its head, rip it up, step on it, squish it into a ball and throw it into the Potomac River and nothing will be done about it. He has proven how EASY it is for a foreign invasion to occur right before our very eyes. He has proven over and over to be a puppet of Putin without even trying to cover it up. What do we do about it? Read the news. Listen to the news. Watch the news. Then we sip our coffee and move on to the next thing in our day.

This horror show in the White House has proven that America is broken.

(not so) Happy Independence Day, America.

Thank you, for the image and blog!

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The King of Countermand

He is at it again

The wanna-be-king who has not a clue

The man with few words due to a subpar IQ

The number of which matches the size of my shoe

He brays and he fingers

His stench ever lingers

Betraying his country with every demand

Then moments later…

A countermand


when poking at Iran

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Birdsong in Kahalu’u Bay_Kona

Adventure awaits as I had read in through a text from my friend one week ago! I had no plans to travel to Hawaii in that moment and it took me 1/2-of-a-day of “Oh, wow! Oh, I can’t! Oh, but I must! Oh, but what about…?” to checking flights and jumping in. I’m normally a planner and not someone to hop a plane to a beautiful island in a moment’s notice. Alas, I’m not the normal me anymore because here I AM!

After I exited the plane and drove to my destination, I was in the sublime blue water snorkeling within an hour because my pal, Melinda, is awesome and she was ready to go.

“Here’s the gear! Try this! Make sure this mask fits right. Let’s tighten those fins…”

It’s not even 24-hours since I arrived and we have witnessed gorgeous tropical fish swimming and eating in the coral (and with them, a ton of their spring babies!), recorded morning birds (stay tuned), and visited the local Farmer’s Market. Wahoo!

Here are a few of the morning birdsongs I recorded. They are in 1-ish-minute segments as the morning sunrise from 5:30 a.m. progressed for one hour. Each new segment presents more distinctive birdsongs. The quick flutters are birds flying by the recorder. Put on some headphones and enjoy!

Birds at 5:30 a.m – they are just getting started at the first hint of day
Birds at 5:40 a.m. – gaining some momentum as the light of day intensifies a bit
5:55 a.m. and a whole new crop of songs enter the landscape
And finally at 6:10 a.m. – even more songs though a bit quieter again
Birds sing just beyond this happy foot.
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Diary of Working until Stiff

Working people

do not realize how exploited we are until we have a brief moment to take stock of our time spent in any given “week of work.” This past one for me turned out to be a “weak from work.” I know many, many of you can relate to this. If you’re a CEO or an administrator earning in the hundred-plus-thousands-per-year: move on. This isn’t for you unless you want a serious wake-up call.

What is the difference between working people and their bosses and administrators? MONEY. This isn’t about people in management not working hard nor long hours; they do. This most certainly pertains to the compensation they earn while the rest of us in the middle and lower working classes get zippo extra save for “a chance” to earn a better future through some bogus system of advancement. We have seen plenty of advancements in the form of nepotism and other soul crunching outcomes. Give me a break and not a 15-minute one, but a break like the Europeans give to their workers with a 2-hour lunch, a one-month holiday/vacation, and a year off for new parents!

The person who coined “money isn’t everything” failed to mention that it provides everything from adequate shelter, food, and clothing to transportation and holidays, but it also includes buying:

  • entrance to the America’s most prestigious universities whether by bribes and cheating or bloodline
  • congressional votes from lobbying efforts
  • Supreme Court judges
  • stocks and bonds
  • boats and islands

Failed Political System

Jennifer Lawrence video on the U.S. failing political system

I am exhausted from the 6-times daily deluge of political asks for campaign donations. How on earth is fundraising in small amounts worth the mind-numbing emails from the DCC and each of the 20+ candidates running for President to cram your inbox with requests? Why does it cost a fortune to campaign for 18-months when that money could be spent on things like poverty, homelessness, hunger, and infrastructure? What are the true goals of a politician? I certainly don’t see them too worried about their constituency unless they are running for office. This spans both parties which brings me to one more point. This two-party systems is archaic and bullshit. It doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for decades. We need a BIG CHANGE.

Shall we overcome? Really?

Some Good News

The Grand Organ in the cathedral at Notre Dame sustained only minor damage in the fire a couple of weeks ago.

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One More Before the Journey Home

Spring Bloom in the Colorado Desert

The Portal
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