The Trumpashianization of America

Behold the myriad ways to ponder how we arrived at this particular time of commercialization in America. Corporations have capitalized on merchandizing, marketing, profit-making, and commodifying everything: Hollywood, Disneyland, sports, toys, food, cigarettes, booze, (add your list here), and people.

Take a look at a few web pages that I culled together for us. This one contains a lecture with zero visual appeal, but makes several points to keep in mind. Go ahead and  skim it. You’ll still ingest the information. 

Americans find ourselves with this particular President after witnessing a decade of a splashy family laid before us via every medium possible to showcase their nothing-in-particularness save for the fact that they were/are wealthy. We have commodified people to the point where after ingesting billions of bytes of product placement through rigorous ad campaigns, we elected an inhumane product. What else can you say about the Trump name but that it’s a brand. That’s what the family calls it and they have placed their own value on it. Trump claimed on his financial disclosure statement in 2015 that he was worth “MORE THAN TEN BILLION DOLLARS” and valued his brand alone at $3.3B. But is there a human in that body somewhere?

Kardashians are a family obsessed with fame and money. Check out this bizarre story on how and why they became famous. It’s interesting to note how people continued to watch them even as they showed no particular talent for anything other than having money. Trump and his boys are obsessed with fame and money. What’s worse is that Daddy has a narcissist complex in need of a regular diet of applause.

Here’s a telling article from 2015 that begins: “Donald Trump is to me the American version of Vladimir Putin,” says Jerome Tuccille, the best-selling author of the very first biography—1985’s Trump—of the billionaire developer. Between his bullying rhetorical style, barely contained xenophobia, and scurrilous comments about Mexican immigrants, Tuccille says Trump “is appealing to the worst elements in our society.”  Indeed!

I am aware that this is not solely an American quandary. Take the Swedish YouTube star “PewDiePie” who does nothing more than play video games as the camera rolls. By the summer of 2015, he was earning millions with over 9 billion viewers. The world is far more obsessed with his earnings than he is, mind you, but this tells us something about the human craving to watch people with money.

Every day, America witnesses a “billionaire” President with his billionaire cabinet topple agencies, exploit the law, lie, cheat, bend rules, and deregulate important safeguards for the average American citizen.  To quote my friend David from an FB post he made today: “This new administration has set about undoing every good thing government has done for us, one vile rescission after another. And they do it with a righteous glee that sickens me. They do it with logic that is not logic, using facts that are not facts. And they’re cheered on by people who are likely to be among their worst victims.

It’s hellish.”


commodification (image borrowed from




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Joke On Us: We Are Paying For This Horror Show.

Every morning that I wake up to another day, I try to NOT look at the global news outlets. It’s not just the U.S. news outlets paying attention to 45 and his bastion of billionaires, it’s the entire world. While the real President Bannon pens the the new Executive Orders signed by the Toddler-In-Chief who doesn’t bother to read them, the rest of his billionaire cabinet busy themselves with the deconstruction of our government agencies and his “press team” spin tales to keep us busy Googling reality.

Guess who pays for his entire family security as two hole themselves up in New York, two fly around the globe for Trump business to increase the Trump brand bottom line, 45 and company head to Mar-a-Lago (the wrongly-named and should be shamed: “the Southern White House”) every weekend?  Yes, we do. The American taxpayer coughs up hundreds of thousands of dollars per WEEK for this egregious misuse of office. 

Who pays the most taxes and who doesn’t pay their fair share? Check this Pew Research link. Most of us do not “…employ battalions of tax lawyers to find ways to reduce their tax bills, from running income through subsidiaries in low-tax foreign countries to moving overseas entirely, in what’s known as a corporate inversion.”

As our country becomes dismantled and unhinged, rights and regulations tossed into the sea, wars waged against the free press, and a pretend national security threat from anyone outside of those already living here;  the billionaire cabinet works swiftly to ensure that 45’s first 100-days mark a complete overturn of the U.S. Government and we are paying for it.

What are we going to do about it this April 18th? Does anyone out there want to see 45’s Tax Returns???

Billionaires buying this.png

While we struggle to keep up, billionaires are buying up escape hatches the world over.

Super Rich Buying Land

Tech Billionaires Building Boltholes in New Zealand

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“A Screaming Comes Across The Sky”

This wonderful collection of words in the post title was not penned by me nor comes from my brain other than the receptacle of memory as that of the words of author Thomas Pynchon‘s in his novel titled “Gravity’s Rainbow“.  How did I cough this up from my memory banks?  Well, it took a little shaking from a wonderful company who create all sorts of interesting small posters for the cerebral types:  Pop Chart Lab have a number of notable posters and ready-to-frame delights of various bits of our culture and intellect, including those of our taste buds too!

Caught in a crossfire of a dark new landscape of dystrumpian proportions meets sweet little songbirds across the street in the park after weeks of rain. This is my way of saying that every moment of every day is “up/down, turn around, inside out, and round and round.” Every week I swear this will be the one where I stop buying alcohol to keep at home, but then more disturbing news has me queueing up at the local grocer with my produce, some protein, and a bottle of clear liquid aimed to quell my quivering soul.

One thing that helps me every Sunday is the wonderful Brain Pickings Weekly interestingness digest that I find in my Inbox with such inspiring treats as this one: “The Writing of Silent Spring: Rachel Carson and the Culture-Shifting Courage to Speak Inconvenient Truth to Power.” This is a very timely read, indeed, since the book changed public policy to create a new mindset and the beginning of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Another topic for today’s blog post: Education and the gentle mindset needed to reach students in a diverse Community College.

“Just like Pagliacci did, I’ll try to keep my sadness hid…”  Remember that lyric?  That’s the every day working life of an educator these days over the past 20-months since a hate-spewing despot began his ascent to the highest office.  Most teachers love our jobs (Lord knows we don’t do it for the monetary reward.) and are enthralled to make a world of knowledge and thoughts come alive inside of our students, many of whom come to us from underserved populations. Some are homeless, some are Veterans, Second-Chancers, first in their families to go to college, foreign born looking for a place in America, all sitting together in the same classrooms as others who may be there with one or more degrees who are life-long learners or skill builders.  Growing up for many of the underserved populations hasn’t had the ease of a mom and/or dad who may have the time to focus more devotion and attention to their children.  This is where one of our tasks comes into play as we are here to make everyone feel special, complete, and ready for the day’s learning, the weekly tasks, the movement and growth inside their minds and hearts to progress. 

What this means for us as we grapple with changing events via a government spewing “alternative facts” = lies on a daily basis along with fear-mongering presidential orders that impede positivity, is that we must put all of that aside the minute we arrive to campus in order to provide a safe haven for those who worry about their future. This poses an epic task to those of us who are deeply involved in the work to save our country from a man-child recklessly pursuing a wanton act of destruction to the U.S. government as we have known it for half of a century. He’s not alone as he has a ruthless heathen in Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist with a seat at the National Security Council and a GOP who endeavors  to curry favor with the king. Their bizarre pursuit of power over us vassals with no true governance for the people is astounding. But we must push our vehemence and resistance aside while we are with our students because we have other important benchmarks to uphold for them to pursue even knowing that our fight against the new regime is ultimately for our students–the very humans seeking a new path in life.

Interesting tidbit about the immigrant “Frederick Trump (born Friedrich Trump; March 14, 1869 – May 27, 1918) was a German American businessman. Born in Kallstadt, in the Kingdom of Bavaria (now in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany), he emigrated to the United States at the age of 16.”  Donald’s grandfather came to America to find prosperity. Now, Grandson Donald der Führer runs the place. Take the “Who Said It Quiz?” here.

As for Trumplethinskin: “There is no real direction here, neither lines of power nor cooperation. Decisions are never really made – at best they manage to emerge, from a chaos of peeves, whims, hallucinations and all around assholery. ” ― Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow


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Tillerson, the Rouble Rebound, and So Much MORE

A picture is all you need.  Here are three:

T&P1.png  T&P2.png


You see, several years back, Exxon and Rosneft entered the joint venture in 2012 to develop offshore reserves in the Arctic Kara Sea and the Black Sea, as well as onshore assets in Siberia. The following year, they advanced their strategic alliance by adding seven more blocks in the Chukchi, Laptev and Kara seas.

Sanctions against Russia in 2014 put that deal on ice until now. Tillerson is about to become the latest in Trump picks for his cabinet in the position of Secretary of State as Republicans McCain, Graham, and Rubio cave on their objection to Tillerson’s ties with Putin.

And this just happened hours ago: THE Russian ROUBLE Rallies! (breaking news:

Meanwhile, President TrumpleThinSkin decries his inauguration numbers with “alternative facts”and signs an order to defund International Planned Parenthood with a roomful of men watching, while also continuing to eradicate more of Obama’s work as he ends the block on Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines and pulls out of the TPP, and freezes federal hiring.

Trump signs.jpeg It’s the same Celebrity Apprentice face. See, it’s not hard for a reality TV, business conman to look presidential, because he’s got these guys behind him pulling the strings: Trump Bannon.jpg

See  the look on Steve Bannon’s cruel face?

Speaking of Bannon, have you heard about the laugh Track used in Trump’s first meeting with the C.I.A. on Monday?  Yes, that was his own audience he brought to clap and cheer him on having us believe that the C.I.A. staff in attendance were all cheers and laughter at his inglorious speech to them. Bannon, anyone? He just hired someone to troll Paul Ryan now too.

It’s going to be a long 100 days…

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We See You

Trump Black Mirror episode.png  We see the look on your face. Your snake eyes and faux smile show us that you realize most of us get it and it’s just a matter of days before your sham is over. We see that you are living with a veil of fear in your face and in your body language that tells us all you are a fake, a con, a lying narcissist who went so far into debt with US banks, foreign banks, and with your buddies like Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin that this presidency was your last scramble, your hail mary pass–one giant CON to get you out of debt and to further enrich you and your conniving offspring while spreading your diseased last name across this planet.  Those sad people catching your every move have been caught in your web of lies, but it’s OK. The truth always comes out, and in this case, now that you’re in the Whitehouse, it’s not long from now that you will be taken down and have to pay the price of your scheming government coup.

Your cabinet choices tell all:FT_Carl Icahn.png

We’ve heard plenty about the others, the venomous Jeff Sessions, the greedy Rex Tillerson who has been desperate to complete his huge oil-drilling investment in the Russian arctic region, the sheer ignorance of public education by your billionaire bud Betsy, the laughable idiot Rick Perry, and your host of Goldman Sachs alums – each and every one of them caring nothing about those poor fools who voted for you thinking that you are a man of the people. Nothing could be further from the truth and the record-breaking attendance at marches around more than 600 U.S. cities and across 7 continents tells you that we are ALL on to your con and we will not let you destroy this planet with your greed and avarice.

Right now, you, your cabinet choices, and the paid puppets in Congress have plenty of this:

Benjamins.jpeg    World Money.png

But we have THIS by the numbers:


Chicago: 150,000

New York City: More than 200,000

Los Angeles: 100,000

Boston: 100,000, according to the Boston Globe.

Denver: 100,000, according to the Denver Post.

Madison, Wisconsin: 75,000 – 100,000, per the University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department.

Seattle: 50,000

Austin, Texas: 35,000

Phoenix: 20,000

Atlanta: 15,000, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Asheville, North Carolina: 10,000

Ithaca, New York: 10,000

Lansing, Michigan: 10,000, reported.

Montpelier, Vermont: 7,000, the Burlington Free Press reported.

Memphis, Tennessee: 6,000, according to the Commercial Appeal.

Trenton, New Jersey: 6,000

Seneca Falls, New York: 5,000

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 3,300, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader reported.

Naples, Florida: 2,500

Knoxville, Tennessee: 2,000

Rochester, New York: 2,000

Pequannock, New Jersey: 800, reported

Clemson, South Carolina: 500, the Independent Mail reported.

Wycoff, New Jersey: 300, reported


London: 100,000, according to The Independent.

Sydney, Australia: 5,000 people marched on Saturday, the Guardian reported.

Vienna, Austria: 2,000 people marched, Reuters reported.

New Zealand: Marches took place in four cities with 2,000 people taking demonstrating, Reuters reported.

Antarctica: 30

RUNNING TOTAL  Based on projections and estimates: 1,519,430

And we will never forget this:

Grab them by the Pussy_POTUS.jpg

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Well, it’s almost XMAS and it’s almost Fascism. I’ll celebrate the the 25th with friends, family, fun, and frolic with some libation most certainly tossed in. Immediately after, I’ll toast to the end of liberty for the latter and hunker down into my shadow for a couple of months to see if it will show up on Feb. 2nd. That’s when I will attempt to pop back to life to see what has transpired in the first 13 days of the Trumplestilskin empire strikes black.

TyranomotherfuckinsaurusRex  – first family-elect rips the flag up into bits to sell off stitch by stitch to the highest bidder. How is it that so few of us see through this charade of their personal indebtedness to make deals with the nations to whom they owe millions? Bring the dignitaries to a Trumproast hotel to ensure a sealed deal in a giant mashup of conflict of interest stew/stroganoff. While sons and daughter sell off bits of barbed wire bracelets, Pappa tweets on about China, thus sparking an end to the 37 years of Sino-US relations and trade. With daughter Ivanka posing to the take the office in the East Wing typically reserved for the First Lady, Melania will act as Rapunzel in the Trump Tower NY. Salon article on Trump as traitor.

SO much more to say, but I don’t wish to wallow. Well, nuclear arms race renewed for Trumpmas; how quaint. Here’s an interesting Opinion piece from WaPo on Trump and Fascism.

Hey, I now have 2 earthquake kits at the ready: one for mother nature’s shifting plates and one for the President-elect’s shifting our fates.

Thank you celebrities for avoiding his inauguration ceremony like a Zika breakout.


cevwvg0wwaazxrc  Ugh.

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Pall of America

Someday I will no longer awaken with a Chewbacca howl.

In the meantime, I will bide my time writing about the Pall of America. A funereal gloom has beset every town, city, suburb, and rural area where humans congregate to witness the undoing of:

Democracy, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the 1789 Federal Judiciary Act,the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 TO NAME A FEW… (John Sherman’s spirit no doubt twists and rattles his old bones in the grave as he watches the “man who deems himself king” entrusting his businesses to his children while he is about to preside over these Untied States.) 

Some footle about with the daily hammering on social media that stuffs the human soul with a murky pond filled with the ‘pea soup’ effect caused by a thin, algae-like substance suspended in our brains. Green scum strands float under the surface rendering the electorate in a perfect benzodiazepine sleep while the billionaire boys club plays out the coup of our government placing neoprene military generals at the helm.


While some people are doing their best to bring about positivity in this negative Pall of America, others are shuttering up and batting down the hatches in anticipation of the end to this madness.

Hours later, I find that he has chosen the CEO of ExxonMobil for Secretary of State which undeniably proves that Trump has been in this all along to cause massive global upheaval to tilt the oil prices toward the Russians to pay back his massive indebtedness to them.

A man on Facebook posted this comment to which I wholeheartedly agree:

“My past posts brought to light the massive loans he got from wealthy Russians and the inability to pay them back with his existing losing businesses points to a strategy to get Trump in a position where he can disrupt the oil flow and get oil back over $100 a barrel. Russia has been decimated by oil at $40 a barrel. We are talking about billions and Trump never likes to pay off his loans with his own money. Trump also owes money to Saudis. Banks in the US stopped lending to him because of numerous bankruptcies. If the NSA did their job and subpoenaed Trumps tax returns we would not be in this situation. Just look at the horrible people he picked for cabinet positions, he is setting the table for global and internal chaos all with the main goal of causing the price of oil to rise giving a windfall to oil producers who are the only people willing to lend to him. When I say Trump only ran for president to save his own butt, this is what I am talking about. People in this country never bothered to answer my basic question: Why would Trump want to go through all the bull of running for president when he has so many businesses to navigate and doesn’t want the daily responsibility of being president. If people spent any time on this question it would open their eyes to what he is all about. Some people do not want to know the truth. Here is how it will play out: If the Russian involvement with the Trump election committee is proven, Trump is in a real bind, he will not be able to pay back his debts to people who do not take bankruptcy as an answer. His game will be to deny everything and cause battles in the streets or convince Obama to give him a billion to clear his debts and he will go out silently and with cooperation to assuage the deplorables as best he can. This is it folks, this is what it is all about.”


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