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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco--a fabulous community college * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.

Diary of Working until Stiff

Working people do not realize how exploited we are until we have a brief moment to take stock of our time spent in any given “week of work.” This past one for me turned out to be a “weak from … Continue reading

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One More Before the Journey Home

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Spring in Joshua Tree

I’m in the southern California desert on a break from my quotidian work to enjoy the bounty of the earth as provided. Long and lovely rains have fallen on this great state for the past few months. We are thankful. … Continue reading

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How Do We Make Him Go Away?

He is everywhere you don’t want him to be. He’s all around you in the air, behind your back, under your bed, in your closet, behind the curtains, on the tv set, on the computer, and on the rectangular spaceship … Continue reading

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The Disquisition of Donald

He’s here, there, and everywhere; just the way he wishes it to be. In his unfathomable mind, he reigns over the bounty of the most splendid nation on earth. If only that were still true. This nation, under God, divided … Continue reading

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I Bear Too Much Heartache

My soul weeps daily, nightly. My eyes burn from reading too much. My mind melts as I question the hatred. My fingertips numb from the tapping… The ongoing burden of hate that I see and hear tears at my heart. … Continue reading

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Truth is a Pain

Truth is a pain She bites and she burns Leaving no stones left unturned In my heart, mind, and soul There lay no comfort for the one who stole Something of importance from a friend to a friend Details kept … Continue reading

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The President of the United States is Killing Me (and it’s not softly)

I wake up to die another day. It’s been this way since well before the man who should not be there pushed his way through into the daily consciousness of all good beings who intend to make our world a … Continue reading

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“I believe your people are inherently evil.”

“As I believe you said before we think differently. I believe your people are inherently evil. Nothing will change that. Especially that scumbag Obama and the hideous Hillary. I wouldn’t bother wasting your time in that regard but if you’d … Continue reading

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The Base Bezonian

I think it’s time to bring back a few words from the chest of archaic verbiage. Why? For me, it helps to find more ways to free myself from the daily onslaught of the mad king. His pervasive lying and … Continue reading

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