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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.

Sadly, It’s All Canceled

I played the role of desktop traveller over the summer and found myself in the midst of a dream to visit La Paz in hopes of a possible retirement location. I met several amazingly helpful expats living there beckoning me … Continue reading

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So Many Goodbyes

I am up quite early on a Friday mourning. It’s now 5:53 a.m., but I’ve been awake since 3. Lately I fall asleep earlier and earlier as the days wear me down to a curlycue nugget by 9 pm. The … Continue reading

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My Mom Would Have Liked This Post

A Beacon of Light A surreal image of a happy place I hold in my heart wishing we could all get along. This short catch-up will segue into a longer diatribe that follows, written on the Fourth of July, 2020. … Continue reading

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Nerve Endings

A Beacon of Light from a Hill I Shall Climb (in order to assuage the deep mourning) First, let me alert you that this page today contains my rant on the current state of affairs in the U.S. If you’d … Continue reading

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On the Final 28th of December of the Decade

The year winds down haltingly to closure. With this, I sort through myriad revelations on the past and predictions for the future. The positive me searches for refuge from the gloomy girl who awakens in a state of moribund prophesy … Continue reading

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Once again, thousands of bellies fill with dread. Once again, one human wreaks havoc with a greedy agenda. Once again, a small group sits in fear as they hold the real power, albeit by wielding it as a tiny keychain … Continue reading

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Where On Earth Did She Go?

Breathing. Breaking. Mobbing a beat. Had to release and let go of the quotidian diatribes of the mind in a bind to dig in. Having done so; I’m now done. TOASTed. FINISHed. I will be diving into the scorpion realms … Continue reading

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a Plethora of Wrong

PoW – a Plethora of Wrong surrounds me. Remarkably misguided steps by leadership capsize the ship that has attempted to guide itself back into calm waters by the steady hand of the crew. We have toiled for years. The unpaid … Continue reading

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The Miserable Jigsaw of the Chump Administration

I must admit that David Remnick’s commentary in the New Yorker titled “Little Rocket Man” gave me the impetus to write this and I am stealing his words in my title here. When I read, The increased military display on … Continue reading

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The King of Countermand

He is at it again The wanna-be-king who has not a clue The man with few words due to a subpar IQ The number of which matches the size of my shoe He brays and he fingers His stench ever … Continue reading

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