Sadly, It’s All Canceled

I played the role of desktop traveller over the summer and found myself in the midst of a dream to visit La Paz in hopes of a possible retirement location. I met several amazingly helpful expats living there beckoning me to come and learn of the beauty and wonders of the capital of Baja California Sur. I will admit that the Sea of Cortez is a big draw for me. I love open water swimming. I imagined myself snorkeling amidst the whale sharks, dolphins, and myriad other marine life.

Yesterday, I awoke to the grim reality that I must cancel my Thanksgiving week and 58th birthday week plans since the coronavirus is soaring in Los Angeles, Baja California Sur, and Mexico City–the three places I would be traveling through and to on 11/22.

I canceled the flights. I canceled the hotel. I am lucky that I have my health and I do not have a family member nor friend who has died from Covid. So, this is just an inconvenience. I know I’m doing the safest thing for myself and others I would have come into contact with. Since I’ve been so careful up until this point, why take the chance and refute the request of my Governor?

I’m sad as I was looking forward to getting away to a new place. I’m sad because I doubt that I’ll be able to do the longer trip I was planning there at the end of December to drive in and stay for 6-weeks or so. Since I’ll be teaching remotely again, I figured I could really check it out then. But alas, with this failed administration doing anything to mitigate the spread (in fact, doing the opposite and encouraging more spread) and a state that has been very careful (especially where I live in the Bay Area), I must remain home and travel through my spaceship–my computer, iPad, and smartphone.

Desktop Traveller – coming to a computer near you…

I wrote this song about it.

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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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