The Miserable Jigsaw of the Chump Administration

I must admit that David Remnick’s commentary in the New Yorker titled “Little Rocket Man” gave me the impetus to write this and I am stealing his words in my title here. When I read,

The increased military display on Independence Day is hardly the most significant piece in the miserable jigsaw that is the Trump Administration.

David Remnick, July 3, 2019

I thought to myself, “Yes. Those two words, miserable jigsaw describe the past 2 years of his presidency perfectly. This miscreant of a human has proven that the American ideal of a leader representing the most free country and people on the planet is a farce. There is nothing he can do or say that will cause enough alarm for America to say “no more” while he is currently in office. He can turn the entire idea of a constitution on its head, rip it up, step on it, squish it into a ball and throw it into the Potomac River and nothing will be done about it. He has proven how EASY it is for a foreign invasion to occur right before our very eyes. He has proven over and over to be a puppet of Putin without even trying to cover it up. What do we do about it? Read the news. Listen to the news. Watch the news. Then we sip our coffee and move on to the next thing in our day.

This horror show in the White House has proven that America is broken.

(not so) Happy Independence Day, America.

Thank you, for the image and blog!

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