Spring in Joshua Tree

I’m in the southern California desert on a break from my quotidian work to enjoy the bounty of the earth as provided. Long and lovely rains have fallen on this great state for the past few months. We are thankful.

Water brings and carries life. Huzzah!

Sunset sounds brim with myriad beautiful bleeping, buzzing, and blooing of birds and bugs of the desert. My Zoom H4 is in 120-degree, X-Y record mode. ~Me

Voices of Joshua Tree

Desert Bloom

A wizard exists in all of us. This wizard sees and knows everything. ~Deepak Chopra “The Way of the Wizard”

I have been listening to the vicissitudes of life since I was a wee one spending careful attention to things that fly. They make the most pleasing and curious sounds. They are plentiful here in the sonorous Spring of the southern California desert.

Nature Sings Desert Songs
I am in the midst of pure sonic joy. 
Cottonwood Beauty – Joshua Tree


About danaj33

I have been teaching in the Broadcast Electronic Media Art department at City College of San Francisco since 2001. I started teaching full-time in 2009 and am tenured. My career as an audio engineer spans 32-years since the first day I began to record and mix songs on my Tascam PortaStudio (cassette 4-track) in the early 80's while attending college at UC Berkeley. I formed a couple of bands and sang lead (sometimes playing rhythm guitar) until 1988 when I discovered that the "behind-the-scenes" tech realm was much more to my liking. I love how an audio engineer controls the ENTIRE sound mix, and not just one's own instrument. I then began a career as a live sound engineer in earnest and have toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe as front-of-house sound engineer for a multitude of bands on various record labels (most notably "Medicine" on American Recordings) and have been a staff engineer at the venerable Bottom of the Hill nightclub since their inception in 1991 leaving a regular shift there in 2010 due to the teaching schedule. The club and its staff are like family. I owned and operated a live sound production company since 1989 (ending officially in 2017) called dcj Productions that has provided sound to the Bay Area community (mostly in the non-profit sector) in both large outdoor sound events as well as nightclubs and music halls. In 1991, I started recording bands on an 8-track Tascam TSR-8 analog tape recorder and moved into the digital realm in 1993 to 16-tracks of Alesis ADAT connected to a Soundcraft Ghost console in my home studio. In 1995, I advanced to Pro Tools and have been recording exclusively digital ever since, combining audio skills in sound for film as a location recordist as well as an engineer in post-production sound design and mixing. I remained "strictly analog" in my live sound mixing until just this past year (2012). Now that one can obtain a decent, live sound digital mixer at an affordable price, it was high time to check out digital for live. I now have a Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 to work on with my students to give them much needed hands-on experience with a digital console. I co-owned and ran APG Records & APG Studios, an SF record label and recording studio, from 1999 - 2004 which had a distribution deal through EMI. The company folded in 2004. I continue to record music and engineer live performances at many Bay Area venues in addition to full-time teaching at CCSF. In 2001, I was hired to the part-time faculty at City College of San Francisco in the Broadcast Electronics Media Arts department where I have taught many of the classes including Digital Media Skills (BCST119), Basic Audio Production (BCST120), Digital Audio Production (BCST124), Sound Recording Studio (BCST125), Sound For Visual Media (BCST126), Advanced Sound Recording (BCST127), Sound Reinforcement (BCST128), Audio for the Web (BCST135), Video for the Web (BCST136), and Field Video Production (BCST141). I have also taught classes in sound design, audio for animation and games, music video, and computer applications at Art Institute of California-San Francisco, Globe Recording Institute, and Laney College in Oakland, CA. In addition to teaching, I am a writer. I have several blogs and have written many screenplays since 2007 producing a few of them into short films. In 2020, the craziest year and decade of any of our lives, I am starting a book project titled, "Abra, the Imaginarian." Outside Affiliations: - former Co-Director of SoundGirls - current member of Audio Engineering Society and on the SF Chapter Planning Committee - past Vice President and Interim President Board of Directors - Bay Area Girls Rock Camp - past volunteer/contributor to Women's Audio Mission - past member Bay Area Women in Media and Film - past Board of Directors for Camp Reel Stories
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11 Responses to Spring in Joshua Tree

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  2. Caroline says:

    Oh, how fabulous! Keep posting these glorious pictures, babe.

  3. Mark says:

    A sonic and visual wonder. I’m glad you made it safely out to the desert.

  4. Monica says:

    That’s beautiful Dana Jae. I love the sound recordings!

  5. Larry Amal Norman says:


  6. Brooke says:

    Glad you are enjoying you Joshua Tree getaway! Thank you for sharing your beautiful words, beautiful blooms and beautiful sounds of the desert birds! Xoxo

  7. Ronnie says:

    OMG, I love it! A taste of California! Now, come up to Washington and record the forests here.

  8. Auntie says:

    God is so good to give us such beauty and you captured it so well. I love you and so proud of you.

    • danaj33 says:

      I am so blessed to have the means and knowledge to capture our beautiful earth, Aunt B. This is the best way to spend a bit of my free time in rejuvenation.

  9. Gabriella says:

    How sweet is this!!!
    And what a blessed writer You Are 🙏
    Thanks so much for showing up in our life and sharing this piece with us.
    With Love,

  10. Thanks for making me feel like I was there aurally and spiritually 🌺

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