“I believe your people are inherently evil.”

“As I believe you said before we think differently. I believe your people are inherently evil. Nothing will change that. Especially that scumbag Obama and the hideous Hillary. I wouldn’t bother wasting your time in that regard but if you’d like to share something about your life that’s positive I would love to hear about you personally. If you are having [a] challenge I would love to pray for you and always wish you only the best.” (received via FB messenger today)

I’ve been making fool-hearted attempts to assist a couple of my former high school compadres to look into the light and seek the truth. One is a staunch supporter of the GOP and this disaster in the WH who thumbs up and high fives every statement in support of him. It makes me sad every time I see it and I thought I would try a hail mary pass by sending a video showing snippets from the 8 years Obama endured the right wingnuts on Fox slam him for any type of connection he discussed regarding our adversaries juxtaposed to days ago when DJT “scored a big win” in his meeting with the despot of the DPRK. The current  President of the United States of America declared it was “an honor” to meet one of the most cold-blooded, ruthless murderers on the planet. He shunned our friendly neighbor to the north one minute and in the next, touched the arm and back of a dictator numerous times, gently ushering KJU into a meeting as a lover would to his boudoir en route to their play date. As if the optics of seeing our flags intertwined with those of DPRK before either foul human took the stage wasn’t enough to curdle my soul.

Growing up in idyllic San Diego, one would think that everyone blessed enough to live and grow in such a place would see humans, animals, plants, oceans, lakes, and rivers in the same way. I understand (a little) how the mindset of poor citizens in the coal-mining country might be easily conned by our new dictator in the making, but someone who grew up in San Diego, California? This is the stranglehold of Fox News, the leviathan that gobbles up the minds of its viewers like Jabba the Hut swallows his subordinates. Speaking of, it seems we are living on the doomed Tatooine, no? Well, if Pruitt stays on as EPA chief, perhaps.

Further sharing with someone who is oblivious to the hell being brought upon the good people of the world from our wanna-be dictator in chief lead me to see her picturesque profile. She and her family look happy. The kids go to Christian school and from the picture postings, it looks like they travel and have fun. It was sweet of her to offer to pray for me if I’m having some sort of challenge in life. Those are kind words from a Christian. Somehow they don’t correlate with a previous sentence, “I believe your people are inherently evil.”  Confounding, n’est-ce pas? After all, my people are the ones who spread love and peace. When did that become evil? I guess love and peace is the Newspeak of hate and sin. It’s a sad day when we know that those 30-ish percent of 45-loving Americans actually believe that the rest of us who wish for peace and progress hold evil in our hearts and minds.

C’est bizarre.


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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco--a fabulous community college * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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