NRA Disease

She was gushing from the open wound. Screams amidst more *Pop! Pop! Pop!*

America: land of the money, by the money, for the money

Government officials gush blood money donated to them by what should be called a terrorist organization: The National Rifle Association. Here are the people who really run the NRA. Read the link. Understand. Know the heathens who keep gun-reform legislators from being elected as they pour money into the single-cell organism mindset to elect members of Congress who vote against any gun regulations and a President who not only revokes the Obama-era gun checks for people with mental illness, but also a  President who consoles gun owners the day after a massacre and not the victims. 


Members of Congress and a White House filled with people who take money from the NRA terrorist organization while pretending to be Christians who uphold family values is the most sick dilemma facing the nation today, tomorrow, and forever if they are not removed this year. This group props up politicians to bear their flag of death upon the citizens of the UnTIED States. This must stop. This must stop. The citizens must band together and remove these people from their positions of power. They have raped and pillaged the land for long enough.


Rant over and to be continued another day…


About danaj33

writer * audio educator at CCSF--a fabulous community college * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, and loving
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