Joke On Us: We Are Paying For This Horror Show.

Every morning that I wake up to another day, I try to NOT look at the global news outlets. It’s not just the U.S. news outlets paying attention to 45 and his bastion of billionaires, it’s the entire world. While the real President Bannon pens the the new Executive Orders signed by the Toddler-In-Chief who doesn’t bother to read them, the rest of his billionaire cabinet busy themselves with the deconstruction of our government agencies and his “press team” spin tales to keep us busy Googling reality.

Guess who pays for his entire family security as two hole themselves up in New York, two fly around the globe for Trump business to increase the Trump brand bottom line, 45 and company head to Mar-a-Lago (the wrongly-named and should be shamed: “the Southern White House”) every weekend?  Yes, we do. The American taxpayer coughs up hundreds of thousands of dollars per WEEK for this egregious misuse of office. 

Who pays the most taxes and who doesn’t pay their fair share? Check this Pew Research link. Most of us do not “…employ battalions of tax lawyers to find ways to reduce their tax bills, from running income through subsidiaries in low-tax foreign countries to moving overseas entirely, in what’s known as a corporate inversion.”

As our country becomes dismantled and unhinged, rights and regulations tossed into the sea, wars waged against the free press, and a pretend national security threat from anyone outside of those already living here;  the billionaire cabinet works swiftly to ensure that 45’s first 100-days mark a complete overturn of the U.S. Government and we are paying for it.

What are we going to do about it this April 18th? Does anyone out there want to see 45’s Tax Returns???

Billionaires buying this.png

While we struggle to keep up, billionaires are buying up escape hatches the world over.

Super Rich Buying Land

Tech Billionaires Building Boltholes in New Zealand

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