Well, it’s almost XMAS and it’s almost Fascism. I’ll celebrate the the 25th with friends, family, fun, and frolic with some libation most certainly tossed in. Immediately after, I’ll toast to the end of liberty for the latter and hunker down into my shadow for a couple of months to see if it will show up on Feb. 2nd. That’s when I will attempt to pop back to life to see what has transpired in the first 13 days of the Trumplestilskin empire strikes black.

TyranomotherfuckinsaurusRex  – first family-elect rips the flag up into bits to sell off stitch by stitch to the highest bidder. How is it that so few of us see through this charade of their personal indebtedness to make deals with the nations to whom they owe millions? Bring the dignitaries to a Trumproast hotel to ensure a sealed deal in a giant mashup of conflict of interest stew/stroganoff. While sons and daughter sell off bits of barbed wire bracelets, Pappa tweets on about China, thus sparking an end to the 37 years of Sino-US relations and trade. With daughter Ivanka posing to the take the office in the East Wing typically reserved for the First Lady, Melania will act as Rapunzel in the Trump Tower NY. Salon article on Trump as traitor.

SO much more to say, but I don’t wish to wallow. Well, nuclear arms race renewed for Trumpmas; how quaint. Here’s an interesting Opinion piece from WaPo on Trump and Fascism.

Hey, I now have 2 earthquake kits at the ready: one for mother nature’s shifting plates and one for the President-elect’s shifting our fates.

Thank you celebrities for avoiding his inauguration ceremony like a Zika breakout.


cevwvg0wwaazxrc  Ugh.

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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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