Pall of America

Someday I will no longer awaken with a Chewbacca howl.

In the meantime, I will bide my time writing about the Pall of America. A funereal gloom has beset every town, city, suburb, and rural area where humans congregate to witness the undoing of:

Democracy, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the 1789 Federal Judiciary Act,the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 TO NAME A FEW… (John Sherman’s spirit no doubt twists and rattles his old bones in the grave as he watches the “man who deems himself king” entrusting his businesses to his children while he is about to preside over these Untied States.) 

Some footle about with the daily hammering on social media that stuffs the human soul with a murky pond filled with the ‘pea soup’ effect caused by a thin, algae-like substance suspended in our brains. Green scum strands float under the surface rendering the electorate in a perfect benzodiazepine sleep while the billionaire boys club plays out the coup of our government placing neoprene military generals at the helm.


While some people are doing their best to bring about positivity in this negative Pall of America, others are shuttering up and batting down the hatches in anticipation of the end to this madness.

Hours later, I find that he has chosen the CEO of ExxonMobil for Secretary of State which undeniably proves that Trump has been in this all along to cause massive global upheaval to tilt the oil prices toward the Russians to pay back his massive indebtedness to them.

A man on Facebook posted this comment to which I wholeheartedly agree:

“My past posts brought to light the massive loans he got from wealthy Russians and the inability to pay them back with his existing losing businesses points to a strategy to get Trump in a position where he can disrupt the oil flow and get oil back over $100 a barrel. Russia has been decimated by oil at $40 a barrel. We are talking about billions and Trump never likes to pay off his loans with his own money. Trump also owes money to Saudis. Banks in the US stopped lending to him because of numerous bankruptcies. If the NSA did their job and subpoenaed Trumps tax returns we would not be in this situation. Just look at the horrible people he picked for cabinet positions, he is setting the table for global and internal chaos all with the main goal of causing the price of oil to rise giving a windfall to oil producers who are the only people willing to lend to him. When I say Trump only ran for president to save his own butt, this is what I am talking about. People in this country never bothered to answer my basic question: Why would Trump want to go through all the bull of running for president when he has so many businesses to navigate and doesn’t want the daily responsibility of being president. If people spent any time on this question it would open their eyes to what he is all about. Some people do not want to know the truth. Here is how it will play out: If the Russian involvement with the Trump election committee is proven, Trump is in a real bind, he will not be able to pay back his debts to people who do not take bankruptcy as an answer. His game will be to deny everything and cause battles in the streets or convince Obama to give him a billion to clear his debts and he will go out silently and with cooperation to assuage the deplorables as best he can. This is it folks, this is what it is all about.”


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