The Human Race to the Bottom

Are we the only species to war with one another in huge numbers?

I inquired Ms. Google today to better inform me before I wrote this little diatribe against man. Turns out, there are some ferocious scenes in the insect world with ants raiding other colonies to enslave fellow ants and wiping out termite colonies as well. There are hornets that can lay an entire bee colony to waste in a matter of minutes leaving poor sweet bee carnage everywhere.  Check it out:

But nowhere could I find any sign of one species going into a private space for sport hunting where other species are kept in a confined area so that dumbass humans could go and shoot them, then hold them in their arms as a trophy. Only humans go out into nature with a six-pack and a Ruger, Nosler, or a Remington to laugh and shoot innocent animals that are just trying to live a life on this beautiful earth. Nothing sickens me more than this about our species:

This image of these two profligate sons of a man whose hatred has denigrated the moral compass of this country sits deeply upon me today like a blood stain that you can’t wash out. This election has put Trump and his boys with their ugly spew of vitriol and terrible activities at the top spot in all of our media outlets. I awaken every morning with a sick feeling in my stomach like a bleeding ulcer. This family cannot represent America. The Trump way will bring about an all-out war between nations. He is a man that questioned why we don’t just USE our nuclear arsenal on our enemies. Although his wingnut spokespeople are now out there passing around more lies. Here’s the latest from the ugly Texas Libertarian Alex Jones: “U.S. Diplomat Warns that Hillary Will Start Nuclear War with Russia and China.” See how they do? They take everything that their crazed candidate says and spills it on Hillary like the bucket of pig’s blood in Carrie.  Take a gander at the link on Alex Jones and his “about” page to catch my drift.

Here we are: at the crux of the end of the grand experiment. Humans who love to kill one another are doing their best to take over in every major country so that these men (They are not leaders but rather cowards.) can swing their big nothings around and piss on the rest of the human race. You’ve got a man (not even sure he’s actually human anymore) who is potentially 50 days, 16 hours, and 10 minutes from having the ability to not only ASK this next question but to try it out in little tyrant Kim Jong-un style:  “Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?”

Here is a great song and video by Alan Parsons Project: Games People Play to end this Sunday morning missive.




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5 Responses to The Human Race to the Bottom

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  2. Susmita says:

    I feel so absurdly depressed these days regarding our fallen human values…..when right is wrong and wrong is right.Then why have laws,law enforcement agencies, when only one thing in the world !
    You are always right if you have money and power.

  3. danaj33 says:

    Yes. Me too. I’m trying to be happy when I can I have stolen moments of being content; but mostly I have fear in my gut that we are on a very dangerous path…

  4. John says:

    Hey! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to
    check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information.
    I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!

    Terrific blog and great design.

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