Wealth in Water and Air

What do we mean by calling rich people wealthy?  Is it because they can afford to do anything, go anywhere, choose not to work, eat whatever they wish, and live a frivolous life surrounding themselves in material things?

I realize in my every day that true wealth comes from one’s access to fresh water and air. In that description, I’m wealthy because I breathe fresh Pacific Ocean air untainted by the city in my living just 25 blocks from the beauty of her shore, waves, birds, and wind. The FOG! It enwraps me and tickles my nostrils and keeps me cool when others the world over suffer from too much heat in their summer months. Is it not wealthy to be naturally cooled every day without the expense nor the wasteful use of electrical conditioning to cool one’s air?

The water that spills from my tap comes from one of the most cherished sources in California. I use it sparingly due to our double decade drought that we experience in California and the entire southwestern region of the Untied States. (Yes, it’s spelled wrong on purpose…)

Money alone does not make one wealthy. It assists in obtaining the wealth in living with fresh air and water…yes. But money also makes many people unhealthy in their thinking. The greed and cruelty that derives from the rich barons like the Koch brothers and the Walton family; the several new Big Pharma CEOs along with the health insurance titans; the shareholders beholden to the riches of the fossil-fuel industry whose unquenchable thirst to dig deeper into Mother Earth goes to the depths of insidiousness in the Dakotas.  These people are not wealthy. They are sick. They need healing that they will never get because they are wrapped up in the Godless hell of lying to obtain more and more riches. Billions of dollars are no longer enough. Remember when being a millionaire was something to obtain in the American Dream?  That doesn’t even buy you a small home in California these days.

It’s ugly out there in the land of making a profit while gouging and gorging on the consumer. Pop up ads overtake my screen in every new place I seek information on the internet. Connect to an article of interest, but first move that pop up out of the way by attempting to click on the teensy-weensy “x” to close it. Simply talk about something you are interested in and suddenly, five photo advertisements are teasing you to buy now. Just because you can buy now doesn’t make you wealthy.  Wealth is what we breathe and how we quench a thirst with the one earth element our body needs most: clean water.


(Thank you emaze.com for the graphic. Their logo states: “help cure humans”.)

About danaj33

writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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1 Response to Wealth in Water and Air

  1. Evelyn T says:

    Thank you. You were very in tuned with my thoughts today, as I expressed gratitude to the Universe on providing well for all my basic needs.

    Namaste, ET

    Sent from my iPad


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