Follow Your Scream

I woke up with “Follow Your Scream” in my head today. And that was BEFORE I read this little blurb in the Financial Times:

Pay for big bank chief executives jumps nearly 8%

Pay for big banks’ chief executives shot up 7.6 per cent in 2015 — more than 10 times faster than a year earlier — to an average of $13.1m each.

The chiefs of the top six US banks did particularly well — their packages rose by an average of just over 10 per cent and are almost twice as large as those of their European rivals, according to an analysis by compensation company Equilar and the Financial Times of the 20 most highly paid international bank chiefs in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia.

Oh, yeah.  That. While the world reels from climate change, human trafficking, refugees, Black Lives Matter, War on Women, and all other quotidian ugliness humanity spews forth; these asswads who have pillaged nations in the last decade and gorged on our treasuries/life savings, reward themselves AGAIN! They stand in front of the rest of us urinating their trickle-down theories on our souls while our backs break and our minds sink further into the abyss.

[Cut to next slide] The well of hell that breeds the 2nd Amendment freaks in the U.S. including a former politician who recently declared war on American citizens. Cue nutjob and former Rep from Illin’ Oy, Joe Walsh who tweeted: ”

“This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you.”

Oh, really? You good-for-nothing-piece-of-Preparation H towelette after the wipe!

The U.S.A is neither. We are ANYTHING but UNITED. So, perhaps it should be renamed the States of America. Or, even better: Untied States of a America.  Read it closely. Yes, that might work. It would cost a lot to remove the U from everything.

Follow Your Scream

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