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PARTY? What PARTY? She’s Come Undone…

I get letter after letter after email after phone call about this. It’s not just daily, but rather HOURLY at this point. (See the latest email/letter at the bottom of this rant.) Do any of us know just how much … Continue reading

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Note To Self

Take heed: wake up at full speed follow your dream allow a short scream help someone in need sometimes ya gotta “Let It Bleed” this once was the land of the freed now mothers in colors plead police stop the … Continue reading

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Follow Your Scream

I woke up with “Follow Your Scream” in my head today. And that was BEFORE I read this little blurb in the Financial Times: Pay for big bank chief executives jumps nearly 8% Pay for big banks’ chief executives shot … Continue reading

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For the Love of Our Globe and Humanity

The most interesting aspect of travel: the people you meet who live at your destination and introduce you to their life on Mars or otherwise known as: “Here is my home. Feel free to be a family with us.” My … Continue reading

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