Stymie the Stigma

America suffers.
The exhausting media circus act unfolds by the minute in the lead up to choosing the next President as we read, hear, and watch another Trump tornado, not unlike the one he cast over his companies since the 1990’s. Thirty years of mismanagement, mishandling and outright lying about his self-inflated “business successes” which were exactly the opposite and proven utter failures. The only continued success was his uncanny ability to keep enriching himself on the backs of small businesses and workers while repeatedly taking his shareholders down the bankruptcy drain.  No wonder he will not release his tax returns. This man must be given a new kind of  Scarlet Letter to wear across all of his suits–one that denotes shame for being the worst political candidate EVER to walk on U.S. soil. He is the epitome of a rip-off artist/con man. Over 13 million Americans want the con as President.


In the news just this past week, we have been buried in horror stories that shock us into submission. The mega-corporate media pushes to anesthetize America, slowly melting our minds with a molten lava downpour of terrible actions made by insane people repeatedly filling our world with hate:


1.  a mark of disgrace or infamy; a stain or reproach, as on one’s reputation.
2. Medicine/Medical. a mental or physical mark that is characteristic of a defect or disease.
1. to be an obstacle to; prevent the advancement or success of; thwart or stump


The hate vitriol brought to the forefront of our daily lives by a man running for President. A “Narcissist in chief: Donald Kane Trump”


Trump’s plan: stymie the stigma on the road to the Whitehouse as the molten lava pours.
Molten Lava on Hawaii

Molten Lava on Hawaii (courtesy of

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