BOOKS, Beautiful Books and Stores

It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to Santorini to check out this “Most Beautiful Bookstore on Earth“. Check the link for a great story and gorgeous photos of this great wonder of the world.  I like to travel and hope

Atlantis Books

to make it there before they are forced to move from their lovely cave containing words.

Since it takes time and money to go so far, let’s jump on over to Berkeley, CA to check out Half Price Books. Not only do they have a fantastic collection of books and music to sell for a great discount, but they also have the most amazing intellectual tchotchkes and a great BLOG to boot!  If you want something to do this winter, just check out the blog and the plentiful previous posts on all things books.  WOO!  GEEKS UNITE!  Where else can you buy a “Watch Your Rights Vanish” on a heat-sensitive Disappearing Civil Liberties mug?

Disappearing Civil RightsIMG_0566

OK, as it turns out – lots of places online, but GO to the bookstore!  It’s such a FUN place to shop!

Our next stop takes us to Green Apple Books on Clement Street in San Francisco…I have NEVER been able to set foot in that store without buying something. They, too, have an excellent collection of educational tchotchkes for sale which pull me in every time.  I can’t even eat in the neighborhood without hearing the magnet-like pull of the store beckoning me in the door.

Try a walk down the main street of the wee Half Moon Bay and you’ll find FOUR bookstores!  Harbor Books and Gallery at the little HMB airport featuring a great local selection of books on waves, Mavericks,  art, California painters, and more. There are many hours to spend at Coastside Books, Inkspell Books, and oh my!  NO!  The cozy Ocean Books has closed!  (sad face, downturned mouth) And then there were three…

I’m swimming in books that I have no time to read and yet, I still buy more.  Perhaps I am a bit like the character in Richard Matheson’s  I Am Legend, a novel published in 1954 and adapted into four feature-length films, “The Last Man on Earth” featuring Vincent Price (1964),  “The Omega Man” featuring Charleton Heston (1971), and “I Am Legend” featuring Will Smith (2007).

Can you think of anything more HUMAN than books and writing?

OK, music.

UM, and art…

Dancing?  Yes, dancing is cool, but LOTS of creatures can dance!  Check out this interesting article on the findings of UC Santa Cruz researchers!

OK, I’ve got a few hundred books to read and it’s just about winter break.  WOO!   Until next time…


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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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