The Soulless Hearts

Our planet surges with soulless hearts whose pulse maintains the tick of life. In this life as a tick, the soulless heart feeds off of the blood of others ensuring its parasitic progression to the end.  No soul thrives in hematophagy because the soul represents the immortal essence of living things.
Soulless hearts have no shame nor remorse as they entangle those whose hands toil long hours into the depths of abject poverty, watching while their serfs build the products of the company. The corporate Acari pay deplorable wages to the masses whom they employ as they gush, overfull from the blood of their workers. As the plutocrats enrich themselves further, swimming in a cesspool of greed, the depression of the human lives from which they feed grows with each living breath.

Collectively, we are many; workers who can unite and march for our multiple causes. But we become entrapped in our daily living to serve others, to feed our families, to educate our children, to stand up to another rising sun and begin anew in a 7-day-work-week that has no end. As we watch the entitled break laws with no remorse while authorities ignore the violations, we sink deeper into the abyss of estrangement. This world, our precious world that we hold so dear, ripples from the incarnate evil of corporate malevolence.

How much longer will we allow ourselves to continue to suffer? How many more days, months, years, do we count (not) living as laborers, wage earners, proletarians?

{INSERT: slow-motion film edit of multiple images of the power of the worker as we rejoice in the music and lyrics to  “Our Day Will Come”.} click the link & listen.

If I only had time to create this video, but there is so much work to do…

Soulless  cdc_illustration_of_tick_removal  strength.1

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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco--a fabulous community college * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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