Peristaltic Procession

First, let me thank my friend Monica for lending me her excellent David Lodge novel, “Nice Work”, as this provided me with today’s title.

Ah! another entry in Dana Jae’s NEXTworld blog:

I’ve been reading a bit of the Guardian UK this week. Here’s a good one that you won’t find here in the US: a very real and frank opinion about our government:

An interesting pull-quote:   Photographer Gregg Carlstrom succinctly summed it up last week as Saudi Arabia started to drop bombs on Yemen: “US praises US ally for bombing US-equipped militia aligned with US foe who is partnering with US to fight another US-equipped militia.”

Well, there you have it. Oh, and while our government starts, stops, starts again, funds, halts, thwarts, infuses, and covertly runs wars all over the planet in the name of “democracy” they are also doing this at the state level:

New York Budget Eliminates Sales Tax on Yachts Over $230,000

Go ahead, click that link and just read it already.  The title actually reads just like this:

New York Lawmakers Carve Out Sales-Tax Exemption for Struggling Yacht Buyers

Can you believe this shit?  Struggling yacht buyers?  You have got to be freaking KIDDING me!  Sometimes I wonder if I’m waking up in a nightmare of someone conjuring up words to be printed that would piss Dana off so badly that she’ll run wild through the streets screaming, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” (Thank you Paddy Chayefsky for that iconic dialog line.)  I mean, what shall I do?  Is this testing me to sit quietly with my hands folded in prayer or redouble Occupy efforts and dump the tea out into the harbor?

Hey, I have an idea!  Let’s bail out everyone with over $200,000 a year in income so that they can pave a way to bigger and better life of luxury and let’s make it harder for a poor adult to go to college.  How about it?  Shall I make us some posters painted in red with the words YES TO BANKS ! NO TO STUDENTS!  written boldly?  It’s the big “Screw You!” to everyone in America who earns less than $250K annually, and a REALLY big, triple “Screw You!” if you earn under $100K and live in a coastal city. Ha, we won’t even let you afford a home! Lord forbid if you have a family…but no worries because our lawmakers don’t want you to have an abortion nor even have birth control really.  I mean, what’s up?  Have a big family with lots of kids already!  We need them to learn to code!  Birth a billion coding babies so that we don’t have to find people from other countries to do God’s work. Everywhere on every web page to every street corner: see the ads to get your kids to code! Learn code! Try the new coding game! Buy the new elementary coding book! Go to THIS school; we’ll teach your kid to code! Code Academy! (repeat)  See Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” and read Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World“.  Important aside: “Metropolis” was made in Germany in 1927 during the Weimar period. Feel free to check out the Wiki on the Weimar Republic.

Now for another humbling moment of reality:

Top 10 First World Countries in Terms of Press Freedom

Reporters Without Borders is publishing annually an index of the countries of the world according to their respect for press freedom.
The 10 highest-ranked countries with the most media independence are in Europe.
Below the list of countries, at the top of the fourth World Press Freedom Index.

Rank Country Region Score
1 Denmark Northern Europe 0,50
Finland Northern Europe 0,50
Iceland Northern Europe 0,50
Ireland Northern Europe 0,50
Netherlands Western Europe 0,50
Norway Northern Europe 0,50
Switzerland Western Europe 0,50
8 Slovakia Eastern Europe 0,75
9 Czech Republic Eastern Europe 1,00
Slovenia Southern Europe 1,00

See?  Can you find the United States anywhere in that top 10?  Um, no. We only boast our numbers in terms of the things we want to prove to you in order for you to want to be like us, only I’m here to tell you:  it ain’t worth it!  The place has gone to the ditches and  has become a country that the rest of the world should NOT emulate.

America has been teetering on a gluttonous path of self-destruction and the smoke thickens every minute.   This is the best government money can buy. Problem is, if you don’t have much, you’re outta luck, kiddo.  Lawmakers = ha.  What a great compound word giving me a compound fracture in my corpuscles. Lawmaker = money grabber.

I’m in a daily peristaltic procession through life. Happy go-lucky one minute and ticked off the next.

One last note from Willie Nelson: “Good mornin’, America, how are ya? Say, don’t ya know me? I’m your native son.”

Uncle Sam Dope Fiend Thank you Kirill Klip for this independence day graphic along with the words.

America-Money and for this one.

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