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Here we go on another journey into the “pad world” of the very touch-able iPad apps for sound.  This is one area that I constantly learn from one of my previous students who actually made me want to buy an iPad just because of his awesome use of it for sonically creative purposes.  He has, once again, turned me on to a new app that is GENIUS!

Check out this review of Borderlands 2.0.  Woof.

Do not forget the previously mentioned Music App Blog site that this very same student sent me to on my sophomore exploration once I had my iPad for a bit.  John Walden has a GREAT site here. The byline is “Music App Reviews, News and Tutorials for the Mobile Music Producer”.   This is his posting today.  If you’re a budding or pro iPadosopher, you’re going to want to bookmark this site.

Now, are you in San Francisco?  How about the east bay, north bay, south bay?  If so, you’re going to HAVE TO STOP IN HERE.  San Francisco’s ROBOTSPEAk is truly a stop for any of you MIDI and otherwise audio geeks.  If you’re visiting SF, be sure to make a stop here.  It is THE Synth Shop on Haight Street (which is not what it used to be, but certainly worth a stroll some afternoon with a stop in here.  It closes at 6p, so make it an early day of fun and sound exploration.

Since we’re speaking of sound waves (though I understand this current post is about the digital kind), I can’t help but tell you about this amazing place in SF as well:  The Wave Organ. Make this stop a part of that  Haight Street visit to ROBOTSPEAk (this one further toward the water) so that you can truly tell the difference between that which is binary code man-made and purely physically man-made.  Woo.

“SO, what about that damn iPad you dragged me here to read about?”  OK, OK. I hear you.  I’m just saying take a minute to look and listen to real things too, Sherlock. No harm intended.  My digressions are over.

How about ANIMOOG?   Oh yeah.  Check this $^&%  out.  Moog is a thoroughly old-skool synth and a wonderful new sonic example of a company reinventing itself for modernity.  This one is in the “raise your glass to toast to Moog” category.  Anyone know where the name MOOG comes from?   Forget searching on your Oracle, just go to this wonderful legacy section of the MoogMusic site.  Pour a bourbon, kick back, and read. Then, download an app on your pad and all hail to the phat of Bob Moog! Genius! Electronic extraterrestrial explorations extraordinaire!

What about Audio Tools?  This can’t be overlooked.  Check THIS for that.

Perhaps a little focus in on MIDI via John Walden’s greatly informative link here: MIDI 101.

I know you’re already cursing me for the extra reading tonight, but this is how ONE keeps UP with the SONIC exploratorium of one’s mind and cochlea.  Don’t forget to listen…


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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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