Follow me to Aldebaran,

far away from here. Allow me a flight to the Orange star where greed is never near. The Constellation Taurus will bring a light to guide us.

 We leave behind false hope in deities, money, and disease. 

We leave behind the theories, Shivas, and the tyrannies. 

We leave behind hatred, gluttony, and stealing. 

We leave behind the bickering, the steering amidst the sneering.

The only lies we carry are those horizontal upon which one lay.

Like fireflies burning bright, we’ll do whatever we may.

We shall fly up to the Pleiades, 444.2 light years from here. Then round about, a part way back to the fiery Bull’s eye more near. 

Raise your hand if you’re coming with me. Close your eyes; make it clear. 



About danaj33

writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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