Do You Study Life Or Let Life Study You?

She watches the small spider spinning outside of her window taking in both the first light of day and the thread work of the arachnid.  Each little frame thread becomes an anchor for the rest of the radius threads ready for a spin later.

A sip of coffee floats downstream as the Garuda blend lifts a tantalizing steam to her nostrils.  Laying back on the couch with Charlotte still in view, she pulls out her mini spaceship to explore more about spider webs on How Stuff Works.  Spider anatomy 101 right here at the finger tip.

Days before her friend was walking down a steep hill and noticed a small pillbug making way from the grass to the street. She stopped to watch and decided that this little crustacean must be lost. Walking in the direction of cars parked at a curb with a wide street to cross would surely cause its demise.  Before continuing, she decided to stand by this tiny tank to help it find a destination. From her pocket, she withdrew her handheld spaceship to look up some information about the little roly poly before her.  Number 6 on a list of 10 interesting facts reveal:  A pillbug can drink with its anus.
Though pillbugs do drink the old-fashioned way – with their mouthparts – they can also take in water through their rear ends. Special tube-shaped structures called uropods can wick water up when needed.

Hmmm.  OK. She then spotted two gentlemen walking in her direction feeling certain that they would step on this little bitty bit of life.  She found a magazine in her bag to help the bug by swooping it up and onto the grass.  It immediately balled up and starting rolling downhill, gaining momentum quickly.  “Oh no!”

Just then her phone started buzzing with a picture of an ornate blonde on the screen smiling at her.  “My sister calls.” She managed to stop the bug and connect the call while sis began to blather on about the items she just procured online from Macy’s and OSH. Hearing her sister out of breath, she inquired, “What are you huffing and puffing about?”  Just then, the two men walked by while the little pill scrambled into a safe place in the grass. She stood up, “I just saved a life.” Her sister quickly jumped to conclusions of heroine-like proportions: car accident, earthquake, house burning, child run down by a car…

“No, it was a pillbug about to be stepped on.”

Her sister stopped.  “You’re weird, you know that? You’re 50-years-old, and you’re still playing with bugs. That’s just weird.” Then she spoke further about how every time she even thinks about something to buy it seems to show up in her Facebook ads and in her Yahoo mail digest and it just made her want to buy more things, but then every time she bought something she was tantalized into buying something just like it in a different color or style and…

She looked up into the sky at the birds flying overhead while the little voice in the spaceship rambled on.

Spider's web pillbug in curl

About danaj33

writer * audio educator at CCSF--a fabulous community college * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, and loving
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