Westward Expansion – Health and Wealth

History repeating…  (Click the hyperlink, watch, and TURN IT UP! One of the best time capsule video and song mashups EVER!) Then, please come back and proceed:

Those of you who are American history buffs know this best, but I’m going to give it the modern American media CliffsNotes (remember those?) style timeline:

  • Early 1800’s – President Jefferson purchased a huge amount of territory from the French for $15 million.  Yup, just that much for a land grab from Canada to New Orleans and the Missississsisssisssssippi River to the Rocky Mountains, thereby doubling the size of the United States.  Woof!
  • Westward expansion was the key to the nation’s wealth (President Jefferson wrote).

Bullet train into the future, and it’s now January 25th, 2015.  Westward Expansion has been in play for quite some time, and this genius just woke up to the reality that TEXANS are buying up San Francisco along with the Chinese.  Let’s face it:  some of America’s most beautiful coastline is right here, and several of the richest counties in the state are just moments north and south of San Francisco.  QuickNote for those who do not live in SF, and I’m proud to have a few of you readers in other countries that I wish to live in, some day. Here, in San Francisco, California, USA, a 940-sq-ft Victorian home in Bernal Heights sold for $1.2M a few months back. So that’s one small 940-sq-ft home in a tiny parcel in SF for the price of…OK, you don’t need to be a math wizard to catch my drift with  President Jefferson’s purchase a couple of hundred years ago.  WHOA!

Folks, we are not among the richest counties in the nation!  The top 10 doesn’t include the counties here in Cali even with Silicon Valley in our midst. That status belongs to several counties around the DC Beltway (yeah, go figure – Hello Capitalism and government control) and a couple of counties in Colorado and New Mexico. (What, not oil-rich Texas? Nope.)  Median incomes in those top 10 of American counties are in the $105K range and up…(See the aforementioned bullet list.)

So what are the wealthy doing with their money?  Well, the Texans are expanding their fortunes in the west. They are heading out to the north coast with their wealth for their health and other benefits…It’s beautiful here; the weather is awesome. (Yes, the past 365 days, especially, seem to bring Central Coast, and Southern Cali-style weather…it’s becoming more lovely to be on the beach than ever in San Francisco.) You could say that some Californians are moving to Texas as well.  Check out this interesting article in Forbes. The lower-middle class can’t afford to live here anymore because the carpetbaggers are moving in, buying up, jacking up, and even taking over public schools.

{Insert the sound of a car’s brakes squealing at an intersection where someone forgot to stop and is about to hit a pedestrian.}

Wait, what?  What is this last bit about the schools?

At my school, a public college, there are numerous Texans who have acquired some high-level seats that administrate the school.  At the California Community College Chancellor’s Office and the California Board of Governors,  a few in a similar position determine the fate of public higher education.

Ahem!  Excuse me?  But this is California!  Texas doesn’t have a great track record on public education!  What are they doing here?

Exactly, dear Reader.  My point!

America, for the past thirty years, has created a lawless nation of top-down management (pretending to be otherwise).  This nation favors those in the $$$ million+ bracket and they rule the people living in the DC Beltway who are in the highest median income bracket who have been working to deny everyone beneath their pay grade.  Representation???  I don’t think so!  What better way to denigrate the country (and the globe) into subservience than to put the educators into a lesser class of worker-bee.  Then, dismantle and disrespect them so that the public no longer receives the education that can create a nation of cognitive thinkers.

Westward Expansion

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