2 Million Light Years Away

Wouldn’t it be something to travel to this beautiful, million+-star galaxy of light to see the life inside?  Is it harmonious? Is the Andromeda galaxy (m31) filled with love and light? It seems there must be life out there that celebrates the success of its species…

Perhaps it takes that distance to be far enough away from the greed of mankind to find peace, love, understanding, community, sharing, forgiveness, trust, and health. Certainly, it seems the closer I get to the end of my life,  the more exponentially rapid-firing the fate of humanity threatens our every day.  Feeling the wind rearing up to blow us all into a particle of dust to be read about in some future time capsule that arrives at m31.

The small center of my world fills up regularly with the misdeeds, Machiavellian calculations, and deceitful, closed-door chatter among a small group of elites.  The disruption of the caring cornucopia known as my workplace continues its headstrong stance.  A one-two punch delivered one too many times to the students, faculty, and staff for the past several years create a monster gathering of individuals soon to be left with an empty building. Woe is me as I witness the will of the underprivileged who wish for a few ESL classes to make significant life changes. Dishearten: to cause (a person or group of people) to lose hope, enthusiasm, or courage: to discourage (someone).

The palmy upper administrators have been busy during a brief winter respite of the worker and drone bees.

2 million light years =  1.17569996 × 1019 miles (according to answers.yahoo.com)
Light Year: the distance light travels in one year, or approximately 5.88 trillion miles.
Andromeda galaxy

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