All of the New Apps that Do Things OLD-SKOOL

There are fascinating new finds in the digital realm of everything at your fingertips. If you miss the old way of doing things like hearing the sound of each key being typed on a typewriter and the sound of the carriage return “ding” and the FFFT sound of the spacebar, then you’ll find your old world sounds invading your aural sense in the new Hanx Writer app! For a few dollars to the iTunes store, us geek writers over 50 who remember the treasure of earning a Smith Corona self-correcting typewriter (with the white-out ribbon) will delight in the sound of typing on your iPad and the look of the thick QWERTY keyboard in 3 colors modeled after the real deal. And here’s the total nerd catch: you actually have to capitalize and punctuate with focus and attention. And no spell check either! This lil’ app will not add a period for you just because you hit the return key twice! And your I does not auto cap! OK McDonald’s, I’m stealing your inappropriate marketing motto back: “I’m Lovin’ It!” Did I mention that this is the brainchild of Tom Hanks?

About 8 years ago, I marveled at the gall of audio plugin creators to make one that actually ADDS the sound of hiss, noise, scratches, and such to one’s pristinely recorded digital audio! The aptly named “Vinyl” is a “lo-fi plugin that adds a touch of vintage flair to your audio recordings”. (verbiage lifted from the Izotope web page)

Isn’t it amazing to advance to this place where everything we miss about analog hardware can now be re-produced in a digital way to make it more portable and quick to use? I mean, I thought my Smith Corona was pretty darn portable with the nifty carry-case and handle that housed it. But, it’s not as light as an iPad Air with which I can type, record audio AND edit it, shoot video AND edit it, play games, watch TV shows and movies, and plan my future. The only thing it doesn’t do is make me a cup of coffee though I’m sure Apple has planned a future i-something that will do just that and third party developers will come up with “in-app purchase upgrades” that you can buy to make it: a French press cup of java or a percolator, drip, Moka pot, espresso, or vacuum-style designs of coffee creation.

Hey! I think I’m on to something here! I better go find an algorithmagician and an app designer!

Isn’t there an app for that?

1950's era computing...

1950’s era computing…

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