What’s with all of this “First World” ranting?

Warning: this will not read as you think (and there is one or more expletive contained herein).  

I’m not standing up for the whiny rich people with their wireless problems, but rather for hard-working people like myself who have issues from time-to-time that I want to rant about and have been called out by comrades with this statement:  “That’s such a First World problem.”  Sometimes it’s shortened to “First World” in a shout out.

I happen to be a very lucky soul who was not born in the Sudan, nor Syria, nor Bangladesh, nor any of the other horrific areas on this globe where human beings harsh out a life of strife.  I was not born wealthy either.  I’ve grown up in a middle class, solid-work-ethic family and I have worked very hard long hours to maintain a middle class life in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.

So don’t call me out on a “First World” rant when I simply want to let out steam. We have people going absolutely bonkers all around us because they withhold their feelings until they burst.  Yes, gentlemen…I’m talking about you. If I were Kim Kardashian or some other nitwit who has happened to be born into a life of luxury and somehow made myself famous for doing absolutely nothing, then you can call out my “First World” rants. But since I’m not and I get pissed at my iPhone on occasion and want to spout about it, leave me be.  It’s my right and I’ve worked for it!

Life is strange these days and I KNOW I’m lucky that it’s not like being bombed kind of strange or mentally flogged by a factory line boss.  It’s strange in this “First World” living among the zombies who have moved into the neighborhood and are renting or buying up all of the buildings and driving out the low-wage earning artists and musicians.  It’s strange when your phone suddenly loses contact with the mothership.  It’s strange when your shit doesn’t work the way it did yesterday. I’m going to let it out when I feel it and if it’s a First World problem, then so be it.  Just shut the (beeeeeep) up about it already!

About dana415

Sound, words, and teaching are my passions and I am so lucky and grateful to also call them my life work. Check out Films On 45, UAudioU, Mavens of Media, and DanaJae33 -- all places I like to leave my mark.
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