Moving Faster than the Speed of Sound

How it is possible to get it wrong so much more often now?   How many of you are stuck this day/eve with a “I can’t believe they got it wrong again!” regarding your intention on something you’ve just written in a text, an email message, an Instagram, Twitter, FB, or blog post?

We have SO MANY ways to communicate now and in a nanosecond it’s all there for your “feed” group or your one addressee to see/read.  And yes, you can usually take it back and either fully delete or edit (if you put up the thought or media in the first place in a public social media site as opposed to an email sent), but aside from that, how many times are you simply taken out of context?

As for me, it happens often enough that I tend to write a LOT of exposition to be sure the reader “gets my drift” and has no question of my intent.  But I’m finding that rarely solves the problem.  Why?  We’ve become a society of non-readers in all of these extra verbiage and media apps at our disposal.  We don’t want to sit and take the time to read something beyond a 140-character  tweet, so seeing an email post that has 140 words???  People go running for the hills.  Well, that term is dead.  They simply click “next” and off they are into another line of thinking.

Some of you, like me, like to read which is why you’re still here on this page and I thank you for that. The idea I’d like to get across here is that though we have words and audiovisual media at our fingertips every second of the day that we can blast out to the stratosphere at a moment’s notice, remember to stop and take in the messages that others are sending to you.  Read every word, take a sip of your beverage, ponder, then respond.  You’ll be better for it and your writer will be appreciated and understood.

We are a culture that is moving faster than the speed of sound at this point and it will take its toll, believe me, if you don’t slow down now and breathe…



About danaj33

writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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