Life INSIDE Your Technology: “Take Me To Your Leader”

There it goes.  In a moment, simply click “yes” to a new IOS update that beckons to fix those bugs you really didn’t know you had and then, *Poof*.  In an instant, your palm spaceship disintegrates before your very eyes stuck somewhere in a bitten apple, half status bar upload that progresses nowhere.  You look at it a few times, the bar not moving. If you know about these things, you think: “Wow, this must be a large update. This is taking too long.”

After a bit longer, you plug it into the electrical connection even though you know it had been fully juiced-up the half hour before.  It sent a sign:  Connect me to the mothership by way of displaying a cute icon of the adapter side of the cable to an arrow that pointed to the “iTunes” icon. iphone_recovery_mode.  Ahhh, clever that!  It can be understood in a number of languages.  So, I was led to Hal 9000 to make the connection.

The words RESTORE came up on the computer and I had no choice. There goes everything (it warned me), as it took me back to the last update.  Only wait!  The last update was incorrect!  October 2013???  No, I’ve certainly updated since then!  I’m a media technologist! I keep up with my back-ups!  I – I – I…I had no choice but to accept.

Twenty-minutes later, I was thrust back into my life 8 months back with texts and phone messages suddenly appearing as if it was the present. I was a lot less happy then and it was interesting to take a peek from my current place of contentment.  I knew as this entire travesty unfolded that I’m in a better way because I neither howled at nor tossed hands in the air, piffed expletives from my lips, nor pulled at my hair when all of this took place. I simply went through the steps, calmly.  Buddha has somehow entered my being because this would have put me in a Cape Canaveral blast-off a year ago.

So it goes.  I had a time to reflect last night about where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. And I didn’t have to pay a therapist $$ to for that self-discovery.  Courtesy of Apple, I had a “session” last night.   Oh, and I’m missing data on current people in my life whose contact info I have added since October, 2013.

My friend, Blu, posted something on Facebook about my situation:  “First, they make something wonderful. But it’s flawed so you will buy the upgrade. Then it is so much better, you buy the next upgrade. But half of what they fixed in the last one is now worse than it was in the upgrade before the last. So then they promise great improvements with each “upgrade” and sometimes things actually do get better. At this point you are contemplating going back to one of your dust-collecting, closet-filling computers from an earlier era, but can’t because all of your work done in the last couple of years was done on software that is not backwards compatible (and which, of course, doesn’t work on your old trusty computer from a kinder, gentler era). From where I am standing. it just seems like a great marketing plan for a captive audience.”

Indeed, Blu.  We are thrust daily into a “take me to your leader” mode inside of our technology:  our personal palm spaceship.

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Sound, words, and teaching are my passions and I am so lucky and grateful to also call them my life work. Check out Films On 45, UAudioU, Mavens of Media, and DanaJae33 -- all places I like to leave my mark.
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