Conclusion over Confusion – my Sunday Infusion

My mind caught in a ponder as I move from tough to fluid. Things can change with lightning speed if you take a molecular dipole moment to notice. And so it goes and so it went and I’m swept up in the rush to move forward: progress, positivity, renewal, change.

It’s time to hug the “star chamber” and let that sit with them for a bit.  My “angry villagers with torches” mindset for the past year hit a stumbling block.  In that stoppage, I have seen the light. Whipping out a Bob Marley record or two, I’m reminded of the power that love has over all, especially those with secret agendas. It’s time to wield the white light of wonder to bring them over to the other side.  My gut has languished for too long in the dis-ease of anger.  I tire of it feeling so tight.

Though this may read as though a magic mushroom crossed my palate; alas, no. It is the tired mind of a teacher amidst a stack of projects to evaluate and grade.


About dana415

Sound, words, and teaching are my passions and I am so lucky and grateful to also call them my life work. Check out Films On 45, UAudioU, Mavens of Media, and DanaJae33 -- all places I like to leave my mark.
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