This New World is Anything but Brave

The reality of the “meek shall inherit the earth” has come to fruition. Ownership over citizens rights; unhealthy industrialized agribusiness preside over the human body;  a small, elite group of non-humans (the meek) hide in glass towers deciding the future of everyone, everything, everywhere.  Money is their weapon along with the stupidity of those they buy. Welcome to Brave New World (not).

The human race has deteriorated to a scourge on this beautiful planet.  The pestilence shrinks the beauty of Gaia while embracing the words of religious cults blanketed in fear of each other – murdering each other in the name of one’s all-powerful “God or Allah” – smaller sects of the same religion brutally taking the lives of brothers of the same species.

In America, what has happened to a mindset of a small group of people who follow the elites blindly?  They elect those to rule only for the wealthy 1%, passing laws that do nothing for the citizenry.

I find it a circuitous loop of an argument I have ongoing with my brothers who vote Tea Party Republicans though they all live off the government 100%.  In my discussions with them, I remind them that these people wish to rid them from the government dole. How will they survive if Social Security, Veterans Benefits and MediCare become obsolete reminders of a society that once had a modicum of assistance for the poor.  Their response?  The vapid words of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and others of that ilk: “Government is too big and out of control, Dana. It must be downsized.”  And I tell them that I’m the only one of our family who will survive then.  I have a job. I have a means to make a living. I’ve never taken ONE DIME from our government in my 40 years of a working life. How will they get by without the government check?  They repeat the loop.

Amazing how the television and radio have been used as tools to harness the masses.

Aldous Huxley, Fritz Lang, Karl Marx, George Orwell and many others saw a rotting future.  We have an opportunity to not denigrate ourselves into the further edges of a dystopian world.  But we must act.

One good start would be to read the words of Lawrence Lessig and Robert Reich. There you’ll find REAL HOPE and CHANGE.  Let’s get it started!

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley


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