A 2013 chock-full of people with too much money who are too full of themselves

This December umbrage begins with reading the remedial writing of a tech snob, Greg Gopman, whose social media posts regarding the plight of the homeless in San Francisco is truly beyond all.  What you don’t want to know can be read here.

And then we are treated to the colossal blight of the embarrassing First Round Capital’s Holiday Video. They are investing in lots of young tech start-ups, so you could say that’s helping the economy, right?  Well, maybe not. One company they provided seed money for intends to build drones and airware which seek to replace humans (here is a post from their public blog): “Building the OS for unmanned aircraft. At lowest levels of the stack this represents the autopilot systems for both fixed wing, helicopter and multiple rotor aircraft. The next layers are the detections systems which could allow drones to spot the areas of a farmer’s fields which need irrigation, land which may be subject to forest fires or powerlines which could be down. And depending on the application, Airware’s system will be able to deploy a payload, whether it’s fertilizer, GPS coordinates or a photograph”.  Read more: http://www.firstround.com/article/Drones-and-Airware-Why-We-Invested#ixzz2o8SuyLL4

That all sounds hunk-dory, but are any of these companies thinking about how their fantastic ideas of creating “unmanned” anything replaces a job that a human has been doing for a century or more?  Amazon founder Jeff Bezos spoke of building drones to deliver packages.  The list of people with money who invest in companies that seek to make computers that will do the work of humans leads us right into the Kubrick story, does it not? We have a political party that wants to be sure that every woman with a seed in her womb gives that human a right to live no matter what the circumstance. But what life awaits them other than one of servitude to the people who have created the robots that do the job a human used to do?

I’m not trying to state that everything First Round Capital does is bad. I haven’t researched the company enough to see if they have anything in their arsenal of giving that includes feeding the poor or helping underprivileged humans find success in the world.  Perhaps they do that kind of good too?

The point I want to make here is that humans like Greg Gopman and videos like the holiday charade that this venture capital firm put forth render other less fortunate humans to commit stupid acts such as these.  There is a HUGE rift between the “haves” and the less fortunate that is widening and percolating. It’s not going to be “fun with unicorns” for the money folk if this insipid behavior keeps up.

People with corporate money:  Seek out ways to DO SOME GOOD with it. And then boast about THAT, will you?

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