Capitalism Kills

When you get right down to it, this is the crux of the matter here on earth right now with humanity hanging in the balance to the ultimate greed of the super-rich.

I couldn’t help but notice the true underlying comment of the PBS Frontline special I watched this evening “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria“. At the base of all of these new gram-negative, superbug bacteria is the fact that all of the Big-Pharma firms have given up on antibiotic research and releasing new drugs because it just doesn’t have the payback.  It doesn’t fit the ROI on the portfolio for the shareholders.  Really?  So, it’s OK to completely discontinue all research and close the facilities in the midst of researching an antibody to the big bacteria “superbugs” that can kill any of us? Antibody…an interesting word.  Perhaps the shareholders of Pfizer and (any multinational pharma name you wish to enter here) should look it up.

And how about we look at the Big Pharma lobbyists who control the U.S. government’s decisions to truly look into the ONE THING that can wipe out the human race…and pretty damn rapidly:  bacteria and if you want to get picky on your correct word choice how about certain bacterium .  Shouldn’t you get really pissed off that most if not all big pharma companies have decided to stop work on antibiotics because there is no real payback for them?  I know I am.  I’m ticked to the top of my knickers about it and they are in a real twist.  Watch the PBS FRONTLINE special and learn what is happening all around you.

While our gov’t representatives pretend to play with shutting down the government over “Obamacare” and the debt ceiling this is mere minutiae to REALITY that there are far worse matters that are not even on the table for them.  It’s not good political theater to speak about bacteria invading our bodies with no way to stop them from spreading, OH, and by the way, not only spreading but training the other bacteria they meet along the way how to protect themselves from our existing antibiotics.  Yeah, they are smart like that, unlike us humans.

Let’s spend our political capital on protecting the unborn child, bur forget about the human once she or he is one day out of the womb.  See, that particular lobby doesn’t pay you to win your new election.  But kissing the boots of the Big Guns and Big Pharma lobbyists sure do.  Check out this excellent op-ed piece titled “America On Fire” to dig deeper into the well of the “Capitalist Death Panels”.

I want our government officials to be put in a stockade in the center of every town they represent and give us the chance to have at ’em. I’m sick and tired of my taxes paying for their bloviating and hyperbole. They don’t serve me – a commoner. I teach for a living. I’m not a shareholder capitalist.  I’m neither a Koch nor a Bush.

We need CAPITALISM OUT.  As long as everything hangs in the balance of the shareholder portfolio, we are completely doomed.

Do your research , people.  We need to save our arses. bacteria-kpcand thank you Wikipedia for being an unending source of content for the daily machinations that occur in my brain. 

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writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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