A night of the unspeakable…sleeplessness.

2am, my spaceship buzzes on the dresser.  My eyes poke out from under their hoods one by one.  A finger rubs one.

Could it be that Words With Friends opponent adding his competition at this late hour?  Perhaps he just got home from a party…ha, his word likely won’t count for much then. I look at the small spaceship face and see it’s a text!  OH MY!  At this late hour, it must be urgent!  Looks like an image. I double-click to open it full-screen size.  What?!  It’s me at the wedding with my brother and his son looking quite a bit wider than I thought I had hiding under that skirt.  Oooof.  It was a pre-juicer few weeks ago and I’ve already lost a few pounds.  But back to the time!  What on earth is my sister-in-law doing texting me in the middle of the night?  Three more buzzes in my hand!  More pictures!   Oh my spirit, make it stop.  I put down the digital ship and roll over petting my pooch along the way who was also awakened in wonder.

Nearing REM sleep, another disturbance comes.  The wind!  A deep wind that sends the bamboo swaying.  Normally this would be just fine except for those damn winds chimes – two different sets of them hanging on the patio, ringing out their melodious tones…only NOW, it’s NOT a good thing.  Oh, please!  Wind just stop.  I turn over and over as it continues. Alright, I have to go tie them down with a rubber band only I’m willing to bet that my sweet one who NEVER puts anything back in its rightful place left them somewhere and now I have to put on my specs and search through kitchen drawers to find some.  I like to repurpose things like the rubber band around the broccoli stem – useless in my opinion on the vegetable, but quite adequate in a time like this.  The last one I found must be long gone. I check the spaceship – it’s 3:10a.  I stumble searching for bands to stifle the chimes. Oh, I’m so tired.  I finally find two – one a plastic bracelet key holder that should do the trick. I go out on the patio only to find the garden hose and the pooch bed and the water bowl all crammed together under the umbrella where the chimes hang and my feet get caught in the hose that should have been put away after watering last night.  Ooof, I trip a bit, grabbing the umbrella stem in the darkness and cursing my love. Sleepy bearings steady me as I reach out to the first set of chimes to shut them down for the night.  I grab the other with the small rubber band and voila!  Chimed down.  Success!  Now to disentangle my feet from the hose to make haste for the bedroom again.

I’m falling into a deep sleep…just barely in it when a newscaster suddenly erupts in my bedroom!  A television from the neighbor above and across blasts a late night pomposity!  OK, this is it.  This happens way too often and now I’m going to march over and say something about it.  I pull on some knickers and a tee and head out the door. The spaceship reports 3:54a.  I walk out my door, across the complex and up the stairs to their open door with just the screen keeping their cats in.  The twenty-something son sits in a recliner with his shirt off.  Yes, it’s warm here.  That’s why my bedroom windows are open!  “Can you please turn that way down, like half way, and better yet close the door!” He’s already doing it before I finish the sentence, deftly operating the remote. “I apologize.”  I usually want people to be nice to me, but this is not one of those moments. “I’m truly sorry.”  The sound is already 1/4th of the decibels of the original dispersion of air molecules.  “Thank you, Mario!”  I stomp back down the steps, missing one in my one-size-too-big flip-flops (they were on clearance and really comfortable), but with luck, I manage a hop to the next step and avert a death fall down the concrete steps.

Back in the snuggles of bed with the quiet surrounding me, I drift off.  Mario is in my dreams now as a cloud that shoots around a madhouse, darting in and out of the shadows. My dog barks at him, I roll over. He’s testing me in the dream. I kick my legs, roll over again. Ebi repositions herself in my topsy-turvy unrest.  Just about the moment he’s got his arms outstretched in a zombie-like walk towards me to strangle the spaceship buzzes again on the dresser!   Saved!  I bolt up!  It’s nearly 5a and the note on the screen states that “Awesome God” has made his move in the  game and is ready for my entry…    Words With Friends

About danaj33

writer * department chair of Broadcast Electronic Media Arts and audio faculty at City College of San Francisco * music composer and producer * always in discovery mode, learning, living, loving, and laughing.
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